Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Morning Light Coven by Lisa Marie Main

Title:  Morning Light Coven
Author:  Lisa Marie Main
Series:  Old Grudged - New Wars #1
Published:  August 21st 2012 by Xlibris Corporation
Page Count:  122 pages
Genre:  Paranormal Young Adult
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★★

My Review:

Story line and character wise this novel is an overwhelming 5 star. I was captivated from the very beginning, with the mischievous twins drawing me further and further into the story. This is one of those stories that is good for readers of all ages. Everyone can find something to identify with or draw from the story. Adults will remain captivated throughout the entire story, as will younger readers who will also learn a great deal from the characters found within the pages.

The well developed main characters stand together throughout many trials. They never question their loyalty to one another, all the while dealing with trust issues within their family itself or the fact that not everything that they have come to depend on is as it appears. The characters also deal with the physical manifestation of soul mates, and the fact that they are not each other’s soul mates. A few different love stories develop within the over-arching story of good versus evil; however, none of them take over the story, nor do they become too adult-rated. The characters also use magic at the most basic level. It is magic without the special effects. There are no wands, cloaks, pointy hats, or flying brooms. They draw their power through a connection with nature and the elements. This magic helps make the characters the individuals that they are.

One small issue that I had with this novel was the fact that there are some grammatical errors throughout the work. They are generally minor and do not detract greatly from the story itself. The storyline behind the words keeps you so tightly in its grip that many times, they are barely noticeable.

Overall, this book was an enjoyable, gripping read that I would dive into again. There are many times that you will find yourself wondering what really happened in the past, who is truly evil, who is truly good, who will get stuck in the middle, and what in the world will happen in the future. This developing battle of good versus evil presents you with the beginnings of an odyssey at the end of the first edition of the Grace Reborn series, and I for one say, hand me the next one please.

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