Sunday, September 18, 2016

Worldwaker by Dean F. Wilson

Title:  Worldwaker
Series:  The Great Iron War #5
Author:  Dean F. Wilson
Publication Date:   August 31st 2016 by Dioscuri Press
Length:  256pgs
Genre:  steampunk dystopian
Shelf:  review
My Rating: ★★★★★
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Back Cover Blurb:

Every victory is its own defeat. General Rommond's efforts to amass technological superiority over the enemy has resulted in the creation of a weapon that could destroy everything, and a faction just mad enough to use it. The Armageddon Brigade has awoken from its deep slumber, and it seeks to wake the world with it. Attracting the brightest, and most unstable, of minds, this splinter group of the Resistance has become the greatest thorn in Rommond's side. The Resistance and the Regime must unite to defeat a foe that answers to neither of them. Yet their deep divisions and long-held suspicions threaten to end the Great Iron War once and for all-by ending everything.

My Review:

Wilson is a master of world creation. Every aspect is brought forward in a big way and as part of the story that the characters are living.  He writes scenes so vivid that they make you catch your breath and pray for the characters. I love the way that the history of this world really comes into play in this one as new alliances become paramount.  The feeling of inevitability that runs throughout the novel gave me chills.

The fantastically vibrant cast of characters brings this all together in such an unforgettable manner.  i love the myriad of ways that they are all developed and how returning favorites stand side by side with interesting newcomers.  The diverging paths that the characters begin to walk reallly adds to the intensity of the story.  Brooklyn really shines here as his personality and origins really come out in every action and reaction.  

This novel is fast paced, exciting, and awe inspiring.  I couldn't put it down for a second nor would I hesitate to recommend this to others (both this novel and the series as a whole).

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