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Scandalous Endeavors by Amanda Mariel

Title:  Scandalous Endeavors
Series:  Ladies and Scoundrels #1
Author:  Amanda Mariel
Publication Date:  December 12th 2014 by Three Worlds Press (first published December 1st 2014)
Length:  144pgs
Genre:  historical romance
Shelf:  review
My Rating: ★★★★
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Back Cover Blurb:

Lady Amelia has only known the comfort of life in mid-eighteenth century English aristocracy. But when first her mother and then her father die, she finds herself alone, grief stricken and….. not of age. Her appointed guardian, an American uncle, has ordered her travel to his plantation where she must remain for at least two years when she will come of age.

With the help of Lady Grace and Lady Sarah, Lady Amelia gets her uncle to agree to give her four weeks to settle her affairs and unbeknownst to him…find an English lord to marry so she can remain in her beloved England. Despite her mourning period she endeavors to trap one of London’s eligible bachelors in matrimony.

Lord Goldstone, Lady Grace’s nephew is devilishly handsome, but a Scottish Duke and so entirely unacceptable as a possible husband. After all Scotland is not her beloved London and environs. He also has a nasty habit of showing up at all the wrong moments and thwarting her carefully laid plans to ensnare a suitable husband. Sparks fly as the pair find themselves at odds with each other and drawn to each other at the same time. Can they find a way to stop arguing long enough to explore their growing passion? Is it strong enough to make Lady Amelia give up her English home after all? Or will Lady Amelia find a suitable English lord and avoid social exile in America? Time is running out.

My Review:

Mariel jumps seamlessly into the time period and the action with this sweet romance. The entire tale via her amazingly natural storytelling skills. She creates a uniquely wonderful storyline that keeps you reading. It's one of those stories that you're glad is part of the series because you want to re-experience this world that Mariel has so seamlessly painted for you. She develops the world for her readers, without taking away their ability to imagine themselves into the story.

The phenomenal characters that we meet in this novel are the type that you cannot forget. They aren’t larger than life, but they definitely stay with you once the novel ends.

Mariel has definitely created a winning novel with this one. It was a lot of fun to read and definitely a great way to end the day. It was a great introduction into her writing and a compelling start to this series.

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