Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Quest for the White Wind by Alan Black

Title:  Quest for the White Wind
Author:  Alan Black
Publication Date:   July 4th 2016
Length:  320pgs
Genre:  fantasy
Shelf:  review
My Rating: ★★★★★
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Back Cover Blurb:

The White Wind’s captain looked forward to a smooth, profitable voyage, but mutineers steal his ship and kill, kidnap, or toss his passengers and crew into the sea. Saddled with the ship’s most irritating passenger, he wonders why he doesn’t let her drown, be eaten by dragons, or taken by hostile barbarians. He must find his crew, cross uncharted hostile lands, and fight a magician to take back the White Wind.

My Review:

Wow! Just wow! What a tale. Black jumps right into this story, pulling readers along for the ride of a lifetime. The concepts and beings that Black creates are both wildly creative and exquisitely well developed. His fantastic descriptions draw your imagination deep into the fast paced plot twists that kept me on my toes.

The cast of characters in this novel is priceless. There wasn`t a single one that didn`t have me giggling at one point or another. They were all so well developed and the personalities so varied that I found I liked them all for such different reasons. I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite as this band of travellers all drew me in and told their own stories. It was a fantastic feeling.

This may have been my first novel by this spectacular author but it definitely will not be my last. His creative and innovative storyline had me captivated while the seamless world that he created took me out of this world for a little while.

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