Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hypnos by Eva Pohler

Title:  Hypnos
Series:  Gatekeepers Spin-off #1
Author:  Eva Pohler
Publication Date:   August 8th 2016
Length:  207pgs
Genre:  YA fantasy
Shelf:  review
My Rating: ★★★★★
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Back Cover Blurb:

Hypnos and Jen aren't married long when they realize something's missing: they both want to have a child, especially when they see how happy Therese and Than are with their twins. But the creation of new gods is against the rules, and they aren't willing to give up their immortality. So Hypnos goes to Mount Olympus to offer Zeus a deal. He'll make it his mission to find out the source of the recent attacks on Gaia--terrifying earthquakes that have already released one monster from the Titan Pit--if Zeus will agree to let him and Jen have one immortal child.

Because the attacks are getting humans killed and none of the other gods have been able to discover a lead, Zeus, in his desperation, agrees. But this new quest just might get Hypnos swallowed and trapped for all eternity.

My Review:

Once again Pohler lights up the pages as she draws readers into a modern day Greek myth. Plot and writing style mesh in the perfect balance to create a whole that is unforgettable. Each and every word seems to have been carefully chosen to build a cohesive overall picture. Pohler creates a world that you can imagine yourself walking into. She manages to seamlessly blend mythology with reality to create an awesome world for readers to get lost in. All the while, Pohler’s smooth, approachable writing style allows the plot and the characters to really stand out.

I loved getting up close and personal with these characters that we’ve met throughout the Gatekeeper’s saga. The way that Pohler continued to develop them, allowing them to become even more real, was fantastic. It really added to my enjoyment of the story as I fell in love with them and their lives. The supporting cast was also a lot of fun to get to know. I enjoyed the way that they really shone and had big roles in the novel without overshadowing the main characters. And the fact that the characters include more than simply the major Greek gods & goddesses? Phenomenal.

This is definitely a novel that will be loved by readers of all ages. It could be read as a standalone, but for the full impact of Hyp & Jenn’s story I’d suggest reading the entire Gatekeeper’s Saga 1st.

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  1. Thank you, Jonel! Another well-written review! I appreciate it so much!