Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Desire's Fury by Violetta Rand

Title:  Desire's Fury
Series:  Viking's Fury #2
Author:  Violetta Rand
Publication Date:   July 19th 2016 by Dragonblade Publishing
Length:  131psg
Genre:  historical romance
Shelf:  review
My Rating: ★★★★★
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Back Cover Blurb:

Torn between bloodfeud and desire…

After his younger brother returns from Northumbria with a Saxon bride, Roald Blood Axe refuses to welcome her into the family. His brother has married an enemy, which goes against everything Roald believes in. But when his sister-in-law collapses from a mysterious illness, Roald does what any man of honor should, he searches for the most gifted healer.

Torn between mistrust and temptation…

As the last healer in her Sami line, Eva is expected to assume the role as noaidi after her mother dies. Until then, she lives in the shadows—gathering herbs and practicing her art on injured animals. One night while she’s camping in the foothills, she encounters an enemy warrior who stirs more than her doubt.

She accompanies Roald to his home where she promises to heal his sister-in-law.

Faced with rejection and violence, Eva braves the tumultuous world of the lowlanders to stay true to her oath as a healer.

Spending time with Eva makes Roald realize he craves more than bedsport—he wants love and everything it offers.

Together, Roald and Eva make an indomitable pair. But when Eva’s brothers and Roald’s greatest enemy join forces to destroy Roald’s home, will love keep them together or will outside interference separate them forever?

My Review:

What an exciting and heartfelt tale. Rand takes readers back in time for a suspenseful, romantic story that I couldn’t put down. Her vibrant descriptions allowed me to picture every aspect of it while the seamless plot had me reeling. I love the mixing of cultures throughout this novel. It’s so natural yet also gives a very unique and intimate feel of the tale.

Roald was so complex yet at the same time simple to understand. His motives and beliefs are his strong point, yet he also allows himself to change his mind. I love how strong of a leader he was, yet how he’s also willing to follow his heart. Eva’s confusion between her heart and her familial obligations really drew me in. And as fantastic as these two were on their own, the chemistry and antagonism between them had me completely captivated.

This was a fantastic tale that I’d highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a good historical romance. The history is solid and the plot is unforgettable.

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