Monday, June 6, 2016

As Angels Weep by Kali Willows

Title:  As Angels Weep
Author:  Kali Willows
Publication Date:   January 20/15
Length:  168pgs
Genre:  urban fantasy
Shelf:  own
My Rating: ★★★★
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Back Cover Blurb:

A smooth talker with the ladies, Luther Evans has all the right moves and all the wrong motives. Swindling wealthy women and making shady business deals, he strings along his girlfriend with promises of commitment and a flashy diamond engagement ring, despite his playboy antics. Karma cashes in when he gets an outrageous wake up call from a messenger of death. Soon after, he’s plagued by a bizarre string of deadly accidents he narrowly escapes until the final incident. His narcissistic ways must suddenly change—when he dies! Faced with the prospect of spiritual exile, our hero finds himself on an urgent mission to save his soul.

Matched with his ethereal guide, Gabrielle, a disinclined archangel who is a bit of a prankster, Luther faces temptation and obstacles no mere mortal can overcome. On this perilous journey for his pursuit of salvation, she tries to teach him the value of humanity. Will Luther strike out and lose his soul on the road to redemption? Can Gabrielle save him from eternal damnation despite the forces that try to stop them?

My Review:

The plot of this tale was definitely unique, making it stand out in the sea of paranormal stories that are out there. Willows develops her world and her cast in a quiet manner that allows you to understand them, even if you never agree with them. Fantastic descriptions meld with an engaging narrative to create a whole that both intriguing and satisfying. I love the way that she sparked both my imagination and my conscience throughout without preaching at her readers.

Luther’s arrogant ways really came back to haunt him. I have to admit that I enjoyed seeing him get what was coming to him. I appreciated what he went through as the novel progressed while also cheering over the fact that karma was ever present. He was an engaging main character without being someone that I found an instant connection with. It was a unique feel. I also enjoyed how his character morphed throughout the novel based on his trials and circumstances.

As a whole, this was a unique and captivating novel. I’d definitely recommend it to others looking for a paranormal type tale with a twist and a conscience.

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