Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rescuing Mattie by S.E. Smith

Title:  Rescuing Mattie
Series:  Lords of Kassis #3.1
Author:  S.E. Smith
Publication Date:   September 12/13
Length:  54pgs
Genre:  SciFi Romance
Shelf:  Own
My Rating: ★★★★
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Back Cover Blurb:

Mattie Abrams has always had a knack for training animals. Touring with the Cirque de Magik, she knows that she has finally found the ‘home’ she so desperately craves. She would do anything to keep her small family of circus friends and her pets, including going where they went. When the owner of the circus announces he is taking the circus to the stars, she never expects it to be quite so far – or so dangerous.

Jai t’Dubar never expected to find his mate among the menagerie of humans returning to his world. When a delicate beauty jogs by him, his world changes. His first thought is to chase her down and capture her. His second thought is to keep her forever.

When she is taken as a hostage by a group of space pirates who invade the Kassisan Warship, Seeker, he will do everything he can to save her.

Can he rescue Mattie from the pirates and traitors who threaten her before she is taken from him? And if he can, will he be able to convince her to open her heart to him and let him show her when he says ‘forever’, he means forever?

My Review:

Welcome back to the world of Kassis and all the danger and excitement that goes with it! Smith’s writing and descriptions shine as her characters battle against the odds and create a lifetime of memories.

I love how Mattie is with her dogs. It was so easy to relate to. And the variety of canine (as well as other furry) friends that she has really lets her love of animals shine through. I quite enjoyed the fact that she couldn’t do everything herself and that she was willing to bow down to others when the need arose. Jai was also a fantastic anomaly for the series. I enjoyed the way that his character developed, centering around his need to protect Mattie.

I loved being able to figure out exactly where this fits into the series, right down to the second. It was also nice to see the non-royals of this race. For me, it was a nice change of pace, showing that everyone does get their chance, regardless of the position they find themselves in on the ship. It all came together into a quick, fun read that was a blast.

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