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Tracking Trisha & Ambushing Ariel by S.E. Smith

Title:  Tracking Trisha
Series:   Dragon Lords of Valdier #3
Author:  S.E.Smith
Publication Date:   October 20/12
Length:  385pgs
Genre:  SciFi Romance
Shelf:  own
Rating: ★★★★★
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Back Cover Blurb:

Trisha Grove enjoyed her job as a pilot for Boswell International but realizes something is still missing from her life – her family. She is ready to call it quits and head back home to Wyoming where her father lives. She never expected her last flight for Boswell would end with an unplanned trip out of this world. Trisha isn’t sure at first what is real and what isn’t; all she knows is she is determined to get back to her dad no matter what it takes.

Kelan Reykill is the fourth son in the royal line of Valdier. Commander of the V’ager, one of the largest Valdier warships, he prides himself on his strict self-discipline, his ability to remain in command in any situation, and his skill at handling any challenge. That is, until he meets a stubborn human female from the primitive planet his older brother sought refuge on. Now, all he can think about is how to get the female into his bed and under his control while staying in one piece.

When she is taken from him, Kelan will track Trisha to the ends of the universe and further because he knows one thing – she is his true mate and he will do anything; kill anyone, who tries to harm her.

My Review:

This novel was action packed while still remaining intrinsically fun. Smith’s writing really shines. Intensely hot sex was countered by unendingly exciting suspense. Vibrant descriptions bring Valdier to life in an unforgettable manner. Smith has created a planet with a seamless history, mythology, and geography that I would love to visit.

I love the way that this series is put together. The overlapping stories of all the different characters at the same time build an entire, multidimensional world that I can’t get enough of. Not only do I know what happened to other characters during this same time period, but Smith gives hints as to what is yet to come.

I enjoyed how tough these women are and that it doesn’t detract from their emotions. Trisha is the epitome of these. Everything that Trisha had been through broke my heart. I also enjoyed how her dragon speech patterns were different from her human ones, providing extra insight to readers. The epic role reversal that Trisha’s character provided for the Valdier was fascinating. I loved seeing the different reactions to what she did. The dragonfire mating becomes even more clear to me with Trisha’s transformation. The various aspects involved were breathtaking. Getting a closer look at Kelan’s symbiot allowed me to understand the trio better. Smith has created such unique characters. The mix of fierce and cuddly was so pronounced yet real that I couldn’t help but laugh and fall in love at the same time.

Smith has definitely created an unforgettable addition to the Dragon Lords of Valdier. By answering some questions I’ve had about the world and showing peaks at what’s to come next she not only has me dying to read the next book but also to be a Dragon Lord’s true mate.

Title:  Ambushing Ariel
Series:  Dragon Lords of Valdier #4
Author:  S.E. Smith
Publication Date:  September 26/12
Length:  248pgs
Genre:  SciFi Romance
Shelf:  own
Rating: ★★★★★
Book Links:  Goodreads - - - B&N - Kobo - Indigo - Google PlaySmashwords - Audible

Back Cover Blurb:

Ariel Hamm has always had a tender heart. Her love for her sister, Carmen, and her best friend, Trisha, has always been a priority in her life. But at twenty-eight, she is ready to start focusing on what she wants. After her fiancée unexpectedly ends their engagement, she is searching to redefine who she really is. A pilot for Boswell International, she knows flying is not her first love. Unhappy, she finally makes a decision based on what she wants – to live on the property she purchased in Wyoming and care for the stray and neglected animals that have always captured her heart.

Her plans change suddenly when she finds herself on a warship headed for a distant planet. Determined never to let another man distract her from her dream or break her heart, Ariel makes plans to escape and make her way back home no matter what. What she doesn’t expect is the alien male who is just as determined to keep her by his side!

Mandra Reykill never expects to find his true mate so unexpectedly - or so painfully. He knows his older brother is returning home with his true mate and her friends but never suspected his true mate could be among the women. His dragon recognizes her immediately and falls in love with the delicate beauty. His symbiot is enchanted with her gentle touch and kindness. Unfortunately, all Mandra the man gets is a stubborn female refusing to acknowledge his claim on her and determined to escape him at the first available moment. To top it off, his nice, orderly life is suddenly turned upside down when he finds his home – and his warship – suddenly infested with creatures from all over the galaxy that are just as taken with his mate as his dragon and his symbiot.

Now, he needs to find a way to convince Ariel he is the alien for her while trying to keep his sanity! But, he is not the only alien wanting to claim Ariel; another has set his sights on Ariel and is just as determined to claim her.

Can Mandra convince the stubborn human female who has captured his heart their future together can be her new dream before she escapes him forever?

My Review:

Smith returns to Valdier with another fast paced, action packed, romantically thrilling novel that took me to a completely different world. There were definitely more than a few ‘giggle-snort’ moments throughout this novel. The characters and the action all come together in such a unique manner that the realism bounds from the page as I felt as if I were on Valdier and part of the tale.

The male/female dynamics (and numbers) on Valdier were fascinating. The way that Smith develops this gave me a lot of insight into the culture on Valdier while also furthering the exciting plot. The ferocity and utter caring of these human females dropped into the mix is an unforgettable mix. I love how closely bonded they are to one another and how their beliefs clash with those on Valdier, yet also meld with them.

I enjoyed the extra time getting to know Mandra before he felt the pull of his True Mate. Not only did I get to know him well as an individual but I also got a lot of insight into what it means to be a dragon & a Valdier. Mandra and Ariel broke my heart just a little. Both of their convictions that they are unlovable makes them both an unlikely and perfect pair. Seeing these two overcome the cultural divide between them, and actually taking the time to learn & compromise rather than simply giving up who they are was heart-warming.

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