Monday, April 25, 2016

The Baker and the Billionaire &The Puppy and the Prince by Nikki Steele

Title:  The Baker and the Billionaire
Series:   The Complete Box Set
Author:  Nikki Steele
Publication Date:  February 25/16
Length:  175pgs
Genre:  contemporary romance
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★★
Book Links:  GoodreadsAmazon(US)Amazon(CA)

Back Cover Blurb:

Bringing together the complete works of the Baker & the Billionaire series.

Libby lives in the shadow of her sister, a skier and Olympic contender. Her sister is younger, athletic and attractive, whereas Libby struggles with food issues, is curvy, and uncoordinated.

On a journey to the slopes, she meets a handsome mysterious stranger, and they share a single wild, hot night together.

But there’s a problem. The stranger is billionaire Jax Petersen, and he’s an Olympic judge. They shouldn’t be together again—it would ruin her sister’s career. But can they stay apart?

The Baker & the Billionaire contains smoking hot action between a curvy woman struggling with weight issues, and a sexy Billionaire who loves her just the way she is. It includes scenes suitable for mature readers only.

My Review:

Read it! Just. Seriously. Read it!

Olympic trials mix with an intimate relationship in interesting ways here. I enjoyed getting to know the main characters in this tale. Libby’s insecurities and easily explained via her sister, both the way in which she is treated by her and the epically different lives that these two lead. Jax’s heartfelt attitude is perfect for Libby, especially since he never pities her. I love how Jax believes in Libby without fail. His strength helps her find her own. At the same time, his commanding attitude has me falling in love with him as quickly as Libby is. And the chemistry between them, wow! But there was more to the story than just that. The emotions between these two tugged at my heart. The intimate (and explosive) chemistry between them only serves to heighten the relationship for me. Libby’s new, daring side is so charming. The strong message of self-acceptance really comes to a head here in a poignantly heart-warming manner.

The storyline was compelling. The chemistry simply heightened it for me. This was a quick and satisfying read. This is one series that I definitely wouldn`t hesitate to recommend to others. But I will warn you. They definitely need to be read in order.

Title:  The Puppy & The Prince
Series:  The Complete Box Set
Author:  Nikki Steele
Publication Date:  January 21/16
Length:  195pgs
Genre:  contemporary romance
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★
Book Links: GoodreadsAmazon(US)Amazon(CA)

Back Cover Blurb:

Bringing together the complete works of The Puppy and the Prince series in one smoking hot read, this box set tells the romance of Kate, her puppy Baxter, and their encounters with the handsome, mysterious Xander.

Kate’s hooked, but there’s just one little problem. Xander is from Europe, and he’ll be returning there soon. Oh, yes. And he’s a prince—did he forget to mention that?

The Puppy and the Prince compilation contains smoking hot action between a nurse and a sexy, exotic Prince Charming. It includes scenes suitable for 18+ readers only. It is ideal for readers looking for a modern fairytale romance with the naughty bits left in, described in glorious detail!

My Review:

Ok. This tale is cute & adorable. This story is cute in so many different ways, not the least of which being the adorable puppy who is a character all on his own. The human characters weren’t half bad either. Xander was priceless, walking a fine line between authoritative and attentive, secretive and mysterious. Kate’s frank openness drew me in in the complete opposite manner. I enjoy how they got to know each other over such a cute puppy. The fairy tale romance surrounding Xander & Kate just keeps growing. I love how they fit together so perfectly as individuals despite the differences in their lives. I love the mix of heat & sweetness that Steele works into this novel.

At the same time, the uniqueness of the entire tale that kept me intrigued. The intrigue and mystery surrounding parts of the tale took me for a loop, adding a plot twist that I loved. I’ll admit, there was one moment where I turned to my dog and was like: ‘Wait! What? That’s not what’s supposed to happen!’ I was so convinced I had it all figured out and our resident piece of puppy cuteness would fix everything for these characters. The plot twists were spot on for a little adventure in this steamy story.

This was an intricately plotted, well written tale and I’d definitely recommend it to others.

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