Friday, March 18, 2016

Wolver's Reward by Jacqueline Rhoades

Title:  Wolver's Reward
Series:  The Wolvers #7
Author:  Jacqueline Rhoades
Publication Date:  March 17/16
Length:  310pgs
Genre:  paranormal romance
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Fate has played River for a fool. Again. He thought he'd earned the respect of a decent and admirable wolver pack. He was grateful for it. He was content...until they took it all away, and left him alone and angry. Again.

Yet Fate rewards him with another pack, one that needs his survival skills, and one where he meets the girl of his dreams, but River is no longer a fool. The beautiful Rebecca is an Alpha's daughter. She can never be his and she knows it, too. But knowing the outcome, changes the game, and both River and Reb decide to play this one on their own, but different, terms.

What Fate knows, and River must learn, is that happiness comes when you least expect it, and finding a love worth fighting for is what brings a Wolver's Reward.

My Review:

What a rush! Talk about an action packed, romance intensive, and emotionally enriching novel. Tensions ran high throughout while I got to escape from reality for a little while. The intensity that runs through the tale had me tingling while I was falling in love with the characters that we got to meet. Rhoades’ well developed concept of wolvers is intriguing. I enjoy the differences from the stereotype that are presented. At the same time

River is a bit of an atypical character for this series, but he’s definitely my favourite yet. His complexity was astounding. There were so many different aspects to him, each layer having me fall more in love with him. Standing beside him Reb was the perfect mate. Her strength and understanding are a fantastic counterpart. Their differences made them stand out on their own, while their similarities make them the perfect couple.

This novel is equally enjoyable to read in a single sitting as it is spread out over a week or so. It is a must read for all lovers of shifters, romance, or just a plain great story.

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