Monday, March 28, 2016

The Missing Heir by Linda Weaver Clarke

Title:  The Missing Heir
Series:  Amelia Moore Detective Agency #3
Author:  Linda Weaver Clarke
Publication Date:  February 12/16 (1st published August 12/14)
Length:  212pgs
Genre:  mystery
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

A COZY MYSTERY: Amelia Moore, the founder of the Moore Detective Agency, specializes in missing persons. With the help of her partner, Rick Bonito, the business is flourishing. Dell Murphy has passed on and left a fortune to his nephew. He wants his nephew to continue his work at the orphanage in Mexico, but there is one problem. Neal Woods is missing! If Amelia and Rick can't find him soon, the fortune will be turned over to Dell's brother and sister who intend to close down "Uncle Dell's Orphanage." If that happens, where will the children go?

My Review:

Clarke returns with readers to the Amelia Moore detective agency for another fun filled novel that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with. The plot was intricately woven, clean, and a blast. The final key to completing this case definitely wasn’t something I expected, even if I secretly wished for it. It was definitely a unique twist, and the final ‘who-dun-it’ left me speechless.

Amelia and Rick are a blast to adventure and sleuth with. Amelia is priceless. She’s so perfectly helpless at times and completely brilliant at others. Her reactions and conclusions never failed to make me giggle. I enjoyed the peek at Amelia’s past as she finally starts to let Rick in for real. Rick’s persona also really drew me in. His strength and self-confidence were a winning combination for me. Throw in a sense of humour and love for food? You can’t go wrong. I also enjoyed the varied supporting cast that Clarke fills this novel with. I enjoyed each in their own way, even if I didn’t necessarily like them.

And this was another fantastic, fun mystery with the Amelia Moore detective agency. Now, I’m off on another adventure to see what Amelia and Rick get up to next. But I must warn you, I was definitely craving Mexican food by the end of this novel.

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