Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Gay For His Southern Werewolf by Tabatha Austin

Title:  Gay for His Southern Werewolf
Author:  Tabatha Austin
Publication Date:  February 4/16
Length:  91pgs
Genre:  m/m paranormal romance
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Ethan's been in love with Gabriel, the boy next door, for most of his life. He’s not just the town's tall, dark, and cutest man... he’s also a werewolf.

Pity werewolves and humans never date... ever.

Without a cute man like Gabriel, there’s not much keeping him in his small Southern town. It’s time to put his foolish dreams behind. He’s going to leave his town - and Gabriel - behind forever.

With plans already set, Ethan figures there’s no harm in spending a last weekend with Gabriel up at his cabin. After all, they’ve been friends for so long. Once at the cabin, Ethan realizes that like him, Gabriel wishes things were different and knows how they could be. There’s one chance and it would mean that Ethan will have to leave behind more than just his town.

How much is he willing to give up for true love?

This short paranormal thriller romance contains scenes of gay sex with a Southern werewolf. It’s intended for adult readers.

Author Note: This is a short standalone HEA supernatural romance with no cliffhanger

My Review:

Hot with a dash of sweet, natural with a good splash of the paranormal, and oh so real with a healthy dose of everything that makes a relationship work, without ever being easy. This spicy, quick read kept me captivated throughout, all the while telling a real story. Vivid descriptions bring everything to life, from action to suspense to romance to real emotion.

I enjoyed how Austin used stereotypes to develop her characters quickly without detracting from the forward pace of the tale. And the main characters were the type of individuals that you really want to get to know. I found myself rooting for them throughout, really wanting to get to know them better.

All in all this was a great short read full of life and a romance that I truly wanted to see succeed. Austin mixed the realities of paranormal life with just the right dose of spice to create a fantastic story.

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