Friday, March 4, 2016

Capturing Cara by S.E. Smith

Title:  Capturing Cara
Series:  Dragon Lords of Valdier #2
Author:  S.E. Smith
Publication Date:  March 1/12
Length:  288pgs
Genre:  SciFi Romance
Shelf:  own
Rating: ★★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Cara Truman is a pint-size pistol whose inquisitive nature has gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion. Her next adventure takes her further than she even expected when she ends up on a journey out of this world.

Trelon Reykill thought he had his hands full. A militant group of Curizans had captured his brother Zoran, he was busy trying to fortify the Valdire defenses against the Sarafin Warriors, and his dragon was roaring for him to find a mate. He was furious about the first, excited about the second, and pissed about the last. The last thing he expects to find on the primitive planet his brother has taken refuge on is his true mate.

Now, he has a whole new set of problems…capturing Cara long enough to make her his. His symbiosis loves her, his dragon wants her, and he can’t catch her. On top of all that, someone is trying to kill her.

His solution: Capture Cara and love her so well she will never want to escape him -if he can.

My Review:

I simply can’t get enough of this series! Smith blasts readers off of earth with the same flash, flare and energy that we’ve come to know and love her for. This action packed novel balances romance with adventure in a manner that kept me on my toes. I like how the plot backtracks a bit from where the previous novel ended, giving us Cara’s view of how things started and taking off from there. The plot was seamlessly crafted, always headed towards an end goal without ever being predictable.

Cara is completely, perfectly, over the top priceless. I love the way that Smith introduces readers to and develops Cara’s character. I could feel her energy pouring from the pages. Trelon’s frustration and adoration shine along with it. The culture clash between these two does as much to develop their characters as Smith’s fantastically intricate character development does.

Exotic & erotic. That’s how I’d definitely describe this novel. Smith takes SciFi romance to a whole new galaxy with this one.

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