Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Spring Scandal by Tracey Smith

Title:  A Spring Scandal
Series:  The Devereaux Manner Mystery /3
Author:  Tracey Smith
Publication Date:  March 15/16
Length:  200pgs
Genre:  romantic suspense
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

The elusive Ms. Devereaux has been found murdered and once again Aaron and Maggie find themselves being drawn back to Devereaux Manor. This time it is to claim his inheritance.

The entire Devereaux fortune has been left to Aaron and his sister Kate. While Kate is ready to embrace her new life at Devereaux Manor with Jason by her side, Aaron can’t help but ask the question that is haunting them all. Who killed Agnes Devereaux?

Dylan has vowed to help his friends solve this mystery once and for all, but the demons of his own past haunt him. Will Andi ever be able to forgive him for breaking her heart? Will she be able to forgive him when she finds out what he’s done?

Will any of them survive once they uncover the secrets of Devereaux Manor?

My Review:

Smith is one of those authors who can get the perfect balance of everything in her pages. Emotions explode and mystery reigns the day as romance blooms. Smith writes suspense and anxiety with such realism that you can’t help but feel it seeping from the pages of the book. Combine this with her down to earth yet extremely picturesque descriptions I feel like I’d stepped into the South myself.

The characters also really make this story. Those we’ve known throughout the series really shine here. She combines southern charm with big city curtness, sweet with sexy, suspense with romance, reality with imagination. Smith’s character development wasn’t overly indepth, but her unique method of bringing them forward worked very well with the story.

This was a bittersweet ending to Smith`s series. I enjoyed each moment of it, but I`m sad that there`s no more to come.

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