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When Kings Clash by J.E. Lowder

Title:  When Kings Clash
Series:  War of Whispers #3
Author:  J.E. Lowder
Publication Date:  October 12/15 by WordCrafts
Length:  419pgs
Genre:  fantasy
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

The furnaces of Ebon burn day and night, melting ores for weapons. Throughout the land, bonfires are lit as Ebonites pay homage to the Cauldron’s Dark Flame. The land’s midnight sky glows like sunrise. Ebon prepares for war as myths and legends from ages past take on flesh and walk the land. The Worms of Bal Malin soar the skies, the ancient fortress of Min Brock rises from the ashes, Storytellers from Claire weave tales of power – and now two mighty warriors arise, both claiming the dread title of Gor King. A clash of kings is inevitable, and only one can emerge victorious. 

Yet when all hope is lost, a whisper comes. 

The War of Whispers rages.

My Review:

Lowder returns to the fantasy world that he’s created in the first two novels of this series with a flair rarely seen in the fantasy genre. The tale was exciting and drew me in. The constant forward motion of the plot provided excitement throughout. I enjoy how picturesque Lowder’s writing is. His descriptions show readers around the world that he’s created, rather than simply telling them what it looks like.

New and old characters walk through the pages of this novel, creating a fun and adventurous experience for readers. I enjoyed how many different personality types we meet, ensuring that there is someone for everyone to connect with.

This is definitely a series that must be read in order, but it is also one that fantasy lovers are sure to enjoy.

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