Thursday, January 7, 2016

Rite of Revelation by Sarah Negovetich

Title:  Rite of Revelation
Series:  Acceptance #2
Author:  Sarah Negovetich
Publication Date:  December 4/15
Length:  225pgs
Genre:  Dystopian
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Before you Stands the Future.

The Cardinal plans to execute seventeen-year-old Rebecca Collins, just as soon as he gets what he needs to solidify his rule over the United Territories. Faced with certain death, Rebecca discovers not everyone is under the Cardinal's control. A new alliance helps Rebecca and her friends escape the PIT, giving Rebecca a chance to live the life her Rejection took away.

But the Cardinal needs her in order to stay in power, and he doesn't care who has to die to bring her back to justice.

Her last fight was a push to survive. This time, Rebecca has a life that might be worth dying for.

My Review:

Negovetich returns with readers to the intriguing & intimately crafted world that she created in Rite of Revelation and continues the story from where she left off. The descriptions paint this world in shades and hues that really enhance the feel of the plot. This was a uniquely crafted dystopian novel that held my attention.

I enjoyed watching the characters grow and morph through the things that they deal with on a daily basis. Not only were they well suited to their roles in the tale, but they also were fun to get to know on a deeper level and many were quite easy to connect with. The variety of personality types ensured a realistic feel to the cast.

This one of a kind novel was a great addition to Negovetich’s series. I enjoyed each and every minute of this fun filled tale.

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