Saturday, December 12, 2015

Rising Tide by T.L. Zalecki

Title:  Rising Tide
Series:  Sirens #1
Author:  T.L. Zalecki
Publication Date:  August 19/15
Length:  406pgs
Genre:  dystopian
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Forget whatever you think you know. History has been rewritten.

In a future world where rising ocean levels swallow coastal cities and people scramble for resources on an overpopulated earth, the survival of the human race depends on biogenetic research to develop aquatic capabilities. The year is 2098, and it has never been more dangerous for the elusive Sirens to be discovered.

Until now, the Sirens have remained eclipsed from the eyes of the human world, inhabiting an obscure, undiscovered island in the Indian Ocean. In a burgeoning discontent among the restless youth, the Sirens, led by a headstrong Mello Seaford, decide to test the waters of open society by striking a deal with the U.S. megacorporation, DiviniGen Inc. And they risk everything to do it.

Has Mello led his people astray, jeopardizing their cherished island by guiding them into the hands of human greed? Will the risk prove worth it, or will the Sirens be forced to face the darkness of eternal isolation?

One person may hold the key to success. From across the ocean, budding scientist Lorelei Phoenix embarks on a dangerous journey into a hidden world, one in which she finds herself connected by more than just the ancestry of her people. Is she alone capable of bridging a centuries long gap between species?

When two worlds collide, the rising tide of love and acceptance will lift all boats… or sink a ship of titanic proportion.

My Review:

This was a fun and believable novel that also was absolutely out of this world. Zalecki easily brings this dystopian world to life in a big way. I loved the way that everything blended together in a larger than life manner that still allowed me to picture each and every aspect of it. The futuristic aspects really came to life in this exciting manner that really allowed me to picture the entire story. Her descriptions blended with the enticing plot in a manner that was fantastic. I loved the mix of biology and fantasy, the excitement and the intense undercurrent running throughout.

The characters in this tale made it even better. I truly enjoyed getting to know them. I found that the flashbacks not only added to the story but also gave me peeks into who they characters were. I engaged with many of them easily, wanting to know more about them and wanting to become part of their tales.

This was definitely a well thought out, exciting novel that I was sad to see end. Oh, and the cliff-hanger at the ending? Priceless & left me dying for more.

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