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The Children of Telm Omnibus by Dean F. Wilson

Title:  The Children of Telm Omnibus
Series:  Children of Telm #1-3
Author:  Dean F. Wilson
Publication Date:  January 16/15 by Dioscuri Press
Length:  804pgs
Genre:  fantasy
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

The complete epic fantasy trilogy set in the world of Iraldas, where gods and mortals mingle, collected together for the first time on Kindle.


Ifferon is one of the last in the bloodline of the dead god Telm, who mated with mortal women, and who imprisoned the Beast Agon in the Underworld. Armed with a connection to the estranged gods in the Overworld and a scroll bearing Telm's powerful dying words, he is tasked with ensuring the god's vital legacy: that Agon remain vanquished. Fear forces Ifferon to abandon his duty, but terror restores his quest when the forces of Agon find his hideaway in an isolated coastal monastery.

Weighed down by the worries of the world, but lifted up by the companions he encounters along the way, Ifferon embarks on a journey that encompasses the struggles of many peoples, the siege of many lands, and discoveries that could bring hope to some—or doom to all.


After the catastrophe of the Call of Agon, Ifferon and his companions find themselves in the unenviable situation of witnessing, and partaking in, the death of another god—this time Corrias, the ruler of the Overworld.

With Corrias locked inside the corpse of the boy Théos, he suffers a fate worse than the bonds of the Beast Agon. Yet hope is kindled when the company find a way to restore the boy, and possibly the god, back to life.

The road to rebirth has many pitfalls, and there are some who consider such meddling with the afterlife a grave risk. The prize might be life anew—but the price might also be a second death.


The first of Agon’s chains has broken, and the others are straining. It is only a matter of time before he is free, before the world is engulfed in chaos and death.

There are few left to stop him. Most of the gods can only sit and watch in horror from their prison in the heavens, but the resurrection of the father god Corrias gives the people of Iraldas a sliver of hope, a fighting chance.

Yet the memory of Corrias' failure to defeat Agon in ages past plays heavily on all minds. Many know that it is only the might of the Warrior-god Telm that can defeat the Beast. That god is dead, but his power lives on in his bloodline, in Ifferon and others like him, and they are tasked with waging a final war against the Beast.

Enter the world of Iraldas. Join the Children of Telm.

My Review:

Wilson embraces fantasy with a flair all of his own. The intricate world building brings forward the land and many religions within it. I loved the visual and textual differences between the different regions of this world. Wilson’s descriptions and world building didn’t stop at the visual. His world building was all encompassing. It was a fantastic experience, really enhancing the plot for me. The twists that Wilson worked into the intricate story kept me on my toes and had me hooked to the pages of this novel. The different cultures really shone throughout. I enjoyed the multicultural feel to the story, and the way that they all banded together towards a common goal.

There’s a sense of urgency throughout the series that never stops. The characters were pushing forward on their quest and I found myself drawn into the story with it. I also got to know the motley crew of characters who banded together in the quest that Wilson sets them on. The myriad of danger that they faced not only helped me get to know them on many levels while also pulling me deeper and deeper into their world. Surrounding these individuals Wilson creates vivid, if at times dark, creatures through his writing. The presence of the many different types of creatures made the world even more vivid. The way that Wilson gives readers insight into his characters was fantastic. They may not always agree with one another, heck, I didn’t always agree with their actions and reactions but I found that I really came to know and understand them by the end. This varied cast of characters who were thrown together by circumstance definitely come together to build a wildly unique and utterly captivating whole.

I loved meeting the peoples and travelling to distant lands through Wilson’s writing. His polished writing shone throughout this epic fantasy that I couldn’t put down. I loved each moment of it, from world building to character development to unforgettable plot. Wilson has created a complex tale with interweaving storylines that truly kept me on my toes throughout. There wasn’t a moment of this tale that didn’t have me completely captivated. This was a great series that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to fantasy lovers anywhere. It was an in depth, intricate tale that truly enriched my life. This series will definitely become one of my staple fantasy reads.

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