Friday, October 16, 2015

The Dragon's Dilemma by Jessie Donovan

Title:  The Dragon's Dilemma
Series:  Lochguard Highland Dragons #1
Author:    Jessie Donovan
Publication Date:  October 15/15 by Mythical Lake Press, LLC.
Length:  226pgs
Genre:  paranormal romance
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

From the author of the USA Today bestselling Stonefire Dragons series comes a new series centering on the dragon-shifters of the Scottish Highlands. Full of humor, alpha personalities, and a new threat, Clan Lochguard is waiting for you...

In order to pay for her father’s life-saving cancer treatment, Holly Anderson offers herself up as a sacrifice and sells the vial of dragon’s blood. In return, she will try to bear a Scottish dragon-shifter a child. While the dragonman assigned to her is kind, Holly can’t stop looking at his twin brother. It’s going to take everything she has to sleep with her assigned dragonman. If she breaks the sacrifice contract and follows her heart, she’ll go to jail and not be able to take care of her father.

Even though he’s not ready to settle down, Fraser MacKenzie supports his twin brother’s choice to take a female sacrifice to help repopulate the clan. Yet as Fraser gets to know the lass, his dragon starts demanding something he can’t have—his brother’s sacrifice.

Holly and Fraser fight the pull between them, but one stolen kiss will change everything. Will they risk breaking the law and betraying Fraser’s twin? Or, will they find a way out of the sacrifice contract and live their own happily ever after?

HEA, Full-length book with NO cliffhangers / 18+, explicit language and sexual situations

My Review:

Once again Donovan has created a vivid & vibrant world that invites readers deep inside. She brings her world of dragonmen to live in a big way, not just telling readers about it but inviting them deep into the story. Not only does she bring the land to life, but the culture and customs of her people to life as well. Donovan’s precise writing melds with her fun and inviting tone to take centre stage as she weaves a tale that’s pure gold.

The characters in this novel are larger than life. Not only that, but the characters are so well developed. For those who’ve read Donovan’s Stonefire novels, the characters we met there continue to grow. For those who are entering this fantastic world here, the characters come to life in such a way that you can’t help but picture them. I love how intricately the characters’ lives intertwine. Even though the story is focussing on one of the most fun and explosive couples I’ve seen in a long, long while, the way that their lives intersect with the rest of the clan puts their stories into a much larger perspective.

This was an extremely vibrant and absolutely unforgettable beginning to Donovan’s new series. I couldn’t put it down for a second.

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