Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Yellowstone Fugitive by Saige Silver

Title:  Yellowstone Fugitive
Series:  Beasts of Yellowstone #1
Author:  Saige Silver
Publication Date:  September 23/15
Length:  228pgs
Genre:   paranormal romance
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Outlaw Tess Robinson will do anything to avoid prison, even if that means braving the harsh terrain of the Yellowstone wilderness alone. Grizzly shifters Dean Stamper and Jace Dixon are hot on the trail of the curvy young fugitive, but they’re soon grappling with a huge problem: Tess is their fated mate!

Now the shifters have a difficult decision to make: Should they arrest the woman they love and condemn her to years in prison, or break the law themselves by harboring a fugitive?

Soon they realize they have a much bigger problem on their hands. A sociopathic drug kingpin is on a mission to find Tess and her bears. He’ll stop at nothing to quench his thirst for blood and vengeance. Will Dean and Jace be able to protect the mate they’ve waited a lifetime for?

**Standalone full-length romance with a HEA & explicit adult content**

My Review:

This is a fast paced, quick read full of danger and heat. Silver’s vivid descriptions bring Yellowstone to life while her entertaining story kept me coming back from more. I found myself immersed in a world completely unlike the one in which we live our daily lives, surrounded by the wonders of shifters and the intensely sexy lives of mates. The tale is wildly imaginative. Although this story is completely implausible, Silver makes her story wildly exciting and quite possible. I thoroughly enjoyed this escape from the everyday and into Silver`s world of danger and fated mates.

The characters were also unique. The pair of shifter-rangers that we both get to know and love. The mix of strong and silent, with outgoing was quite a lot of fun. Their personalities were counterpoints to one another creating a fun dynamic. Tess` situation was at times comical, at times gasp inducing, but always entertaining. Her choices made sense with her personality and always lead to more action and excitement. I enjoyed the allusion to the bear pack in Yellowstone, leading me to want to come back and learn more about the others in the area.

This story is sinfully sexy. Silver has created a well written, endlessly creative novel that is both real and completely supernatural. She combines hot sex with an intriguing story to create a whole that will keep you coming back for more.

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