Monday, October 26, 2015

Someday Soon by Debbie Macomber

Title:  Someday Soon
Series:  The Deliverance Company #1
Author:  Debbie Macomber
Publication Date:  June 24/08 by Avon (1st published April 20/95)
Length:  374pgs
Genre:  contemporary romance
Shelf:  borrowed
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Cain McClellan had chosen his lifestyle. He thrived on the challenge, the rush that came with putting his life in incredible danger. No woman, he told himself, could make him feel the way he did after a successful mission—no matter how beautiful she was.

So why was he standing on a cold pier like a lovelorn teenager, hoping for a glimpse of Linette Collins?

But then he saw her, and the sight of her took his breath away. The wind whipped her lustrous dark hair about her face, and she lifted a finger to wrap a thick strand behind her ear.

The smart thing to do was turn around and walk away as fast as his feet would carry him. He'd gotten what he wanted. One last look at her. His curiosity should be satisfied. But even as his mind formulated the thought, Cain knew that just seeing Linette again could never be enough.

My Review:

Macomber drew me in from the first sentence allowing me to connect with her characters and live vicariously through her words. This novel was short & sweet, yet still deeply emotional. Everything became so real to me without being over the top.

I enjoyed the intertwining characters’ stories. It made the novel more complex and rewarding. At the same time it let me get to know the characters on multiple levels. The dynamic among the members of the Deliverance Company was intriguing. Their lives and the personal realisations that they each came to were quite revealing. The women in this novel were also fantastic. They were so different yet so real. I loved seeing everyone’s different outlook on life.

Macomber’s writing will never go out of style. She’s once again created a sweet novel that has wound its way into my heart.

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