Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Wild Curse by Ron C. Nieto

Title:  The Wild Curse
Series:  Faerie Sworn #2
Author:  Ron C. Nieto
Publication Date:  June 23/15
Length:  200pgs
Genre:  fantasy
Shelf: review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

The game is neverending in the faerie realm. It must be played constantly, and death is just the beginning of defeat.

Lily Boyd is determined to be more than a pawn in this faerie game. With the Wild Horn in her possession, she holds the key to the Wild Hunt, an unstoppable force neither human nor fay can control. The Wild Hunt has the power to unbalance the Courts in the faerie realm. It’s the perfect bargaining chip for Lily to save her grandmother, but she must play the game wisely if she hopes to succeed. On one side, she has a deal with Cadowain, a Seelie knight who vowed to help Lily in her quest. On the other side, she is at the mercy of Troy, a trickster Kelpie from the Unseelie Court who can command her at will using her True Name.

Whatever path she chooses, Lily must walk a fine line, keeping her head, wit, and words about her as she formulates a plan to find the Faerie Doctor before it’s too late. She’s playing for the win now, and to achieve that, she must live up to her new name . . . the Herald of the Wild Hunt.

My Review:

Once again Nieto has created a story that captured my imagination. His fast paced story hooked me from the beginning and kept me going throughout. The unique look at the fae definitely gave the story a one of a kind feel while also bringing the fantasy genre to life. The well written, upbeat style that Nieto adopts throughout really highlights the action of this novel.

The variety of personalities that Nieto brings forth in the story was fantastic. I enjoyed getting to know the various characters in their natural elements.

This is definitely a one of a kind, fast paced, enjoyable novel. It definitely adds to Nieto’s series & is well worth reading.

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