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A Wanted Man & How to Tips for Aspiring Writers from author Jennifer Morey

How-to Tips for Aspiring Writers from author Jennifer Morey:

Writing is the most important, of course. Know your grammar and how to tell a story. If you aren’t a natural, join critique groups and enter contests. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Learn as much as you can. I am still learning after having 16 books published! Easily taking offense to criticism will make your journey a lot harder. Stay positive and believe in your talent as much as you believe in yourself.

About the author:

JENNIFER MOREY’S first stories were inspired by her childhood love of Man o' War, Secretariat and The Black Stallion by Walter Farley. Bubbles of dialogue above cartoon drawings of horses led to hand-written tales of adolescent love. Years later, and two months after graduating from Colorado State University with a B.S. in geology, her mother died suddenly and the course of her life changed. The writer in her resurfaced, and she pursued a serious career. As Associate Project Manager for the Spacecraft Systems Segment of a satellite imagery and information company, Jennifer works with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations. When not writing, she can be found playing volleyball, hiking, flower gardening, socializing, or cuddling with her rescued golden retriever and feisty yellow lab. A finalist in more than twenty contests, Jennifer has received several awards for her writing, one of which led to the publication of her debut novel, The Secret Soldier.

Praise for Jennifer Morey:

“Morey’s nonstop action-packed plot and intriguing characters create a compelling story.” –RT Book Reviews

“There is gripping suspense in every Jennifer Morey story.” – Cataromance

“Thanks to strong storytelling and smooth pacing, readers will be hooked.” – RT Book Reviews

Title:  A Wanted Man
Series:  Cold Case Detectives #1
Author:  Jennifer Morey
Publication Date:  September 1/15 by Harlequin (1st published August  13/15)
Length:  304pgs
Genre:  romantic suspense
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

After his daughter’s brutal murder, former NYPD detective Kadin Tandy opens Wyoming’s Dark Alley Investigations to bring violent criminals to justice. Romance is the last thing on the sexy PI’s troubled mind. That is, until feisty ad exec Penny Darden asks for his help. Now he’s investigating her estranged boyfriend’s frightening link to a murder.

Despite her relationship status, Penny’s fierce independence and frank flirtation revive Kadin’s damaged heart. As an untraceable killer closes in on them, the more harrowing the stakes – and the closer they become. At risk are their lives and their best shot at love.

My Review:

Harsh, raw, real. Those are the words that come to mind with this novel. Morey weaves a suspenseful tale full of questions and some of the absolute worst aspects of humanity. She develops an intricate type of suspense that caused me to try and unravel the ‘who’ and the ‘why’ from page one on. The seamless plot development combined with the flawless world building to create a whole that allowed me to escape from reality and into its pages.

The cast of characters definitely took this novel from good to great. Kadin’s past was so painful that I could barely force myself to imagine it. His pain and fear bled from the pages of the novel. I appreciated how he made something productive of it, even if he’d yet to recover himself. Penny’s self-discovery and emotional growth made her a heroine to contend with. The way that their lives intertwined with and bisected those of the supporting cast created even more for me to unravel. It was as fantastic as it was chilling.

Morey’s gritty novel not only takes a look at the harsh realities of circumstance but also shows how love pops up at the most inopportune times, but when it’s right, its right. I definitely can’t wait to see where this series goes from here.

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