Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Calculated Risk by Katherine Neville

Title:  A Calculated Risk
Author:  Katherine Neville
Publication Date:  July 21/15 by Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller (1st published 1992)
Length:  401pgs
Genre:  suspense
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

A female computer expert at the world’s largest bank plans the perfect heist in this New York Times Notable Book from the #1 international bestselling author of The Eight

Verity Banks is the one of the most powerful women in finance, but she still reports to a man. Her boss not only refuses to implement her security plan to safeguard customers’ deposits, he also sabotages her shot at becoming director of security at the Federal Reserve. Outraged, Verity decides to take revenge by hitting her boss where it will hurt the most: right in his company’s balance sheet. She is about to begin her assault when she hears from the last person she ever expected to see again, Zoltan Tor.

A brilliant computer scientist who taught Verity everything she knows, Zoltan will help her if she agrees to an outlandish wager: Which of them can steal $1 billion, invest it to make $30 million in three months, and return it before anyone notices? Verity can use a computer; Zoltan will do it the old-fashioned way. To beat Zoltan at his own game, Verity will risk her fortune, her professional reputation—and her life.

This ebook features an illustrated biography of Katherine Neville including rare images from her life and travels.

My Review:

This was an intriguing and enjoyable novel. Neville had me wrapped up in the plot and rooting for the characters. The story was well developed and the narrative kept me up to pace. The twists and turns kept me on my toes, yet Neville never threw anything at me out of left field. I loved that this was an intellectual adventure.

I love the strength of the female main character. He presence is definitely command attention throughout, and I appreciated the fact that she didn`t perpetually need to be saved. The relationship between the main characters did give me a moment of giggle. It melded with the plot well, yet at the same time was superfluous to it.

The plot fascinated me, the characters intrigued me. Together, this was a novel that I had a hard time walking away from. It`s the mark a great novel.

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