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Tales of the Winter Wolf Volume 5 by R.J. Blain

Title:  Tales of the Winter Wolf Volume 5
Series:  Witch & Wolf
Author:  R.J. Blain
Publication Date:  September 23/15 by Pen & Page Publishing
Length:  103pgs
Genre:  paranormal
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Long before Nicolina Desmond manifested her powers as a wizard, she was a Normal girl with extraordinary circumstances. In order to prove herself and escape her father’s chokehold on her life, she’s determined to get on the fast track towards an independent life.

However, she never anticipated how meeting Richard Murphy would change her life…

Tales of the Winter Wolf follows the adventures of Nicole and Richard, characters from Witch & Wolf #2, Winter Wolf. These stories contain spoilers for the novel.

Tales of the Winter Wolf, Vol. 5 includes the following stories:

The Power of a Word
Despite all of her efforts and carefully cultivated hatred for Richard Murphy, Nicolina Desmond craves his company—and more. Determined to choose her own fate, she puts Richard to the test, and discovers what sort of man he is.

Bonds Richard prepares himself for a lifetime of hunting Nicolina so he might claim her as his mate. However, Desmond’s daughter has plans of her own, and he has once again become her prey.

The Value of a Life With the full moon on the rise, Nicolina has more than thralled wolves to worry about. Fearing what her father will do if he ever learns she has staked her claim on Yellowknife’s Alpha, she hides her love and affection for Richard in the only way she knows how. To mask their mingling scents, she unleashes a cologne apocalypse in his bedroom.

With her new mate hunting with his wolves, she takes the opportunity to get to know his brother. But when a jealous wolf bent on destroying what Richard holds dear comes calling, Nicolina must decide for herself the true value of a life—and whether or not she is willing to kill to protect those her mate loves.

Shattered Richard’s worst nightmare has come true. No longer able to feel his brother in the pack bonds and fearing for his mate’s life, he relinquishes control of Yellowknife’s pack to Desmond, hoping he’s not too late to save what little of his family he has left.

In order to save his brother, Nicolina has killed once again. This time, however, she has shattered under the strain of taking another’s life. Should Richard make a single mistake, he may be left as the lone survivor—or fall victim to her silver bullets.

My Review:

What an intriguing final set of stories in Blain’s TALE OF THE WINTER WOLF sub-series. I love how the individual stories are intricately crafted, creating unique wholes in and of themselves. I felt as if they truly gave me insight into who the main characters are. At the same time, Blain uses these stories to further develop the world behind her WITCH AND WOLF series. The writing is vibrant and the characters are larger than life. At the same time, they’re also approachable and easy to identify with.

I loved reading this set of short stories. Blain once again held me captive with the tip of her pen.

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