Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tut's Trumpet by Allie Burton

Title:  Tut's Trumpet
Series:  Soul Warrior #2
Author:  Allie Burton
Publication Date:  March 22/15
Length:  225pgs
Genre:  YA fantasy
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Her grandfather kidnapped.
An ancient instrument of death in her hands.
A warrior from the past determined to stop her.

When sixteen-year-old Aria York loses her parents, she thinks nothing worse can happen. But then her grandfather is kidnapped by a mysterious Egyptian sect and she is being hunted by two competing tribes. Both want King Tut’s trumpet of war and will lie and steal to obtain the legendary instrument.

When Aria plays the magical trumpet she forgets her grief. Instead, she feels triumph and greed and anger flow through her veins, and chaos erupts in San Francisco. She wants nothing more than to rescue her grandfather, but finds herself trusting a tortured warrior who insists she hand over the trumpet or risk enveloping the world in war.

Aria wants to believe him, but knows there’s something even bigger at stake. As each precious hour passes, she’s forced to ask: Is she playing the trumpet or is the trumpet playing her?

My Review:

Burton’s Soul Warriors series gets even more inviting with this instalment. She mixes magic with intrigue, suspense with the realities of being a young adult in a manner that draws you in. The manner in which magic and mythology meld together creates a uniquely one of a kind whole that will really capture your attention.

And let us not forget the magical cast that Burton sets forth in this story. It was definitely one of a kind and truly enhanced the tale. I loved getting to know each of them and how they interacted with one another. The realism with which Aria portrays the life of a magical teen was fantastic. Her reactions were age appropriate without becoming whiny or over the top.

Burton has definitely created a magical tale that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

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