Thursday, September 24, 2015

Shared By Her Bears: A Complete Three-Book Set by Desirae Grove

Title:  Shared by her Bears: A complete Three-Book Set
Series:  Evergreen Heights #4
Author:  Desirae Grove
Publication Date:  July 17/15
Length:  95pgs
Genre:  paranormal erotic romance
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Angie Wilder’s past is shrouded with secrets. Since she was a child, she's woken with her sheets shredded and scratches on her headboard. As she matured, Angie became aware of her seductive power over men. Her curvaceous body lures them, even as she fights the need to succumb to her desires. Warned by her parents that she has a greater purpose in life than falling for one of the local boys, Angie struggles to stay innocent while her body betrays her.

Angie's allure eventually puts her family in danger, and she's forced to flee. Her mother tells her to find a place called Evergreen Heights, and from the moment she steps foot into the idyllic town, she feels like she may have found her true home. Especially once she meets Hank and Woody, the handsome and rugged leaders of the small community. Soon enough it becomes clear that the burly bachelors have been waiting for her their entire lives. Now they just have to convince Angie she doesn’t just belong in Evergreen Heights, she belongs with them.

This is a complete set of the three novellas that comprise Shared by Her Bears.

**This hot and steamy bear shifter menage romance is perfect for the fans of Milly Taiden, Terry Bolryder, Anya Nowlan, and T.S. Joyce**

Author's note: This book contains very steamy and creative adult situations. If you like your romantic bear shifter menage stories with the heat level turned way up, this is the story for you. Enjoy!

My Review:

What a vivid and larger than life story! Grove had me hooked with her spicy imaginings and secretive shifter world. This is definitely a one of a kind premise. I like how the town dynamic and hierarchy is developed. I’m really intrigued to get to know more about this town and its secrets. The foreshadowing has me on pins and needles. Grove ramps up the heat a notch while also delving deeper into the plot of the series. Readers finally get an explanation as to the underlying questions regarding the individual characters and Evergreen Heights as well. The plot really comes together throughout. Danger and happily ever after vie for top spot in this tale that takes you to a world unlike our own, yet so easy to imagine. Grove further defines what it means to be Bearkin and what it means to be a queen in this society. The similarities and differences between the Brother & the Uncle clan come out in spades in this story. I also enjoyed finding out that there are more clans throughout the US that are Bearkin as well.

The angst and fear of the main character really jumps out at you. I could feel her confusion and loss. At the same time, her desires were very apparent. My heart broke for Angie at the beginning, and I loved the feeling of hope that she had by the end. The new friends that she’s made were quite intriguing. I really got a feel for who’s who and what makes them tick. The three main characters fit together so well, while also being individuals. The distinction yet melding was fantastic. It was so easy to see them working together as a unit. I loved the conversations between the characters. I could hear them in my head, each with their own voice that suited them perfectly.

This was a hot, fast, unforgettable read. I love Grove’s take on shifters & can’t wait to see how this world continues to develop.

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