Sunday, September 27, 2015

Retrace by Sigal Ehrlich

Title:  Retrace
Author:  Sigal Ehrlich
Publication Date:  November 6/14
Length:  230pgs
Genre:  contemporary romance
Shelf:  Netgalley
Rating: ★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

A former FBI agent.
A Brazilian dancer.

Two souls haunted by ghosts of their past.
One looking for retribution, the other for atonement. Both seeking solace.

A solitary existence is all they know, until fate brings them together. Mutual attraction leads to the perfect pact that will keep them safe. No commitment, just friendship and sex. But nothing in life is risk free.

When suppressed emotions emerge, a seemingly impossible decision has to be made. Do they fight their growing feelings or retrace their lives back to where wounded hearts can be broken once more?

My Review:

Ehrlich definitely uses descriptions to advantage while developing scenes, characters, settings, and the story in general. Details flow from the pages, creating a whole that is easy to picture. I found the story exciting and with great potential, but the author’s tone threw me off at times. I simply couldn’t connect with the writing and completely loose myself in the story. The pace was a little all over the place for me. It would build and then slow down and meander for a bit before picking up again.

Reeve’s sense of loss and hiding was quite poignant. He was a bit of a broken hero and I found myself drawn to him, wanting to get to know more about him. Nia’s character, on the other hand flipped from bold to timid with the turn of a page. Her personality seemed so all over the place that I couldn’t figure out what she’d do next.

As a whole this was an intriguing and poignant novel that looks at guilt and where it can lead you. The author definitely shows how one’s past is directly linked to their actions in the present.

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