Friday, September 11, 2015

Flame Unleashed by Jillian David

Title:  Flame Unleashed
Series:  Hell to Pay #3
Author:  Jillian David
Publication Date:  September 14/15 by Crimson Romance
Length:  226pgs
Genre:  paranormal romance
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

When Civil War nurse Ruth Blackstone sacrificed her soul to save her husband’s life, he utterly betrayed her trust. Now, 150 years later, she’s still stuck killing depraved souls to feed her devil of a boss, Jerahmeel. She’s never been one for hair-brained schemes or sweet-talking flirts. That is, until she meets Cajun rogue Odie Pierre-Noir.

Odie has the research and the war plan to overthrow Jerahmeel and win freedom for all Indebteds. There’s just one hitch: he needs Ruth to act as bait. With charm on his side, he shows Ruth an intense passion she’s never experienced before.

Now Ruth must make the hardest decision of her long, damned life: continue in relative safety as an Indebted with Odie as her lover, or risk their eternal souls for one chance to break the curse. Will she choose the lesser evil?

My Review:

Wow! What a conclusion to David’s latest series! She drew me in with her intriguing characters and kept me captive with the intricately crafted plot. Suspense, action, and the unknown fill the pages of this intriguing novel. She creates her world in an intricate manner, without losing the forward flow of the story. Each aspect of the world is so vibrant, even with the dark undertones of the tale.

David creates the type of characters that I could connect with. I enjoyed getting to know them. Their lives and tales were so different from my own, yet their actions and reactions were so natural. I wanted to know them, to become part of their lives, if only for the pages of the novel. Their motives and actions weren’t always apparent, or if they were, they were sometimes suspect. This made things so interesting for me.

David has definitely created a novel that will catch your attention. Her attention to detail brings each aspect to life while her natural storytelling abilities allow her to craft a well written, endlessly enjoyable story.

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