Monday, September 28, 2015

Colour Studies by Shelagh Meagher

Title:  Colour Studies
Author:  Shelagh Meagher
Publication Date:  July 29/15 by Torrvier Press
Length:  256pgs
Genre:  Contemporary romance
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Stalled artist Sarah Parker, trying to recover from a failed romance and a dried-up muse, moves to her grandmother’s old house in the Italian countryside for a fresh start. At first it seems like the perfect place to get her life and art back on track but, as she tries to settle in, she finds the place is not as peaceful as it seems. The past becomes present as strange dreams of love and loss wind their way into Sarah’s consciousness. Their echoes of a tragic affair, not hers and decades gone, colour her own struggle to find her way in love, art, and life. The search for home and hearth frame this sensual and evocative story of amore revealed.

My Review:

This is a well written and enjoyable novel. Meagher has woven a tale of love and loss that definitely stands out on its own. Her well written, easy to read style allowed me to focus on the unique plot. Meagher is a very visual writer, bringing her story to life in a way that’s easy to picture & imagine.

I love how Meagher develops her characters, both past and present. The overlap and interplay of their stories gave a unique feel to the entire novel. I was impressed at the way they all came together, yet how each character was well & individually developed.

Meagher has created a heartfelt, meaningful novel that was a fantastic way to spend a rainy afternoon.

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