Thursday, September 24, 2015

Centenary Separation by James Litherland

Title:  Centenary Separation
Series:  Watchbearers #2
Author:  James Litherland
Publication Date:  September 12/14 by Outpost Stories
Length:  326pgs
Genre:  SciFi
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

—Lost in Time
BELIEVING they’ve fixed the master time-travel device, in 2002 Matt and Page take a test trip ten years into the future with their colleague Turner and his new bride along for the ride—but instead of arriving together, the four are separated and scattered in time.

Matt and Page both materialize in 1912 San Francisco—only a couple of weeks apart, but unable to reunite. Turner lands in 1962, in the middle of the desert and with little hope of survival, while his wife Verity is the only one to arrive in 2012—alone, and with no idea what’s happened.

Anya’s assistant Nye, left on her own in New York City to continue her research without supervision, gets mistaken for a terrorist, while sensible Anya travels back to the summer of 2000 to break all the rules and try to do the impossible—change her own past.

My Review:

I loved the flow and pace of this novel. Litherland tweaks it minutely to enhance certain aspects of the story, drawing emotions and feelings forward. The twists and turns that he took me on kept me on my toes, keeping me guessing throughout. The plot here is even more intricate than it was in the first novel of the series and created a SciFi story that definitely stands out on its own.

I really enjoyed the diverging story lines for the various characters. It really allowed me to get to know them better as individuals. I liked how Litherland took the characters that we met in the first novel of the series and continued to grow and develop them based on their current events and situations they find themselves in. It also sparked my interest into what would happen in future novels.

Once again Litherland has created an adventure unlike anything you could imagine. This well written, well presented novel kept my attention and kept me hooked throughout. I definitely enjoyed reading it.

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