Monday, September 7, 2015

Clone 1 by Patti Larsen

Title:  Clone 1
Series:  Clone Chronicles #3
Author:  Patti Larsen
Publication Date:  October 2/12 by Patti Larsen Books
Length:  170pgs
Genre:  dystopian
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★★+

Back Cover Blurb:


My vision wavers, tears flowing, choking me. I have to lean forward, forehead pressed to the round of the wheel as I sob silently into the warm cab of the SUV. I clutch the leather-bound steering wheel as though it can save me, keep me safe, but nothing helps, nothing.

But the sobbing. When I'm done at last, as my body heaves out the final bitterness of my longing, I look up, wiping my face on my sleeve to see Duet staring at me through the windshield.

She's smiling like she has no idea what I'm going through. And while I know she doesn't, that my half-cyborg sister, saved by the teks in body but not in mind, can't comprehend at the best of times and lacks anything resembling empathy, I still feel a surge of anger at her for being so damned cheerful.

New York looms, the task finally at hand. Betrayal after betrayal, loss after loss have taken their toll on Trio, but she’s made it at last. And yet, nothing could prepare her and her sister Duet for what and who comes next—for the darkest deception of all. The sister clones must accept the ultimate sacrifice, risking everything and everyone they love for a dying humanity before the very person they’ve sought can remake the world in her image.

My Review:

What a fantastically perfect ending to Larsen’s Clone trilogy. I couldn’t put it down from the first page to the very last. Her world is phenomenally well developed, creating a seamless experience for readers. Everything was so vivid and larger than life. The implications behind the technology that Larsen presents was chilling. It was so real and would completely revolutionize the world. The entire premise behind the series was phenomenal. I love how it slowly unfolded throughout the story.

The cast of characters is so well developed by this point in time in the series that I felt as if I really and truly knew them. The way that they all tied together in the past, present, and future, all of which melded together here, was phenomenal.

This was a quick, fast paced read that took me on a wild journey. This story took a great series to a whole new level.

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