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Guest Post with author Kali Willows

A Cougar Among Wolves
A Black Hills Wolves Story By: Kali Willows

When an author connects with a publisher’s special line of shared world stories, it’s easy to become addicted to writing for said series. I count my good blessings to be with Decadent Publishing, where I’ve contracted over twelve 1Night Stand Stories and participated in a number of anthology/box sets of these romances, including two print anthologies.

My good fortune continues to grow as I’ve contracted my newest story with Decadent in another line! The Black Hills Wolves is a shared world series with multiple authors, a well as an established wolf pack and memorable characters. Writing for this particular series proved to be a bigger challenge for me, as the 1NS line had more liberty for authors in world building, by lending to multiple genres and sub-genres with the main theme being the mystical match making abilities of Madame Evangeline and the 1Night Stand service.

Black Hills Wolves is a shifter romance series with a defined pack and more need to adhere to the parameters of the shared world as it was created. On one hand, it makes crafting a new story exciting and gives the author the foundation of a solid world building already in place. On the flip side, getting the details and appearance of other characters in the series can be tricky and overwhelming, along with the geographic layout of the town and surrounding areas. When I read Infiltrating Her Pack by Dominique Eastwick, I swooned at the entire set up. Next on my Kindle is Blood Moon, by Celia Breslin, then A Wolf’s Song by Taryn Kincad. I eventually plan to read the entire series, but get conflicted with the need to write these stories too.

I jumped at the chance to write my first wolf/were-cat shifters and loved every minute of it. For readers who are familiar with my previous stories, you may be aware I am more inept to create dragons, gargoyles, vampires and ghosts. There isn’t a single aspect of paranormal that doesn’t appeal to me, although I tend to stick to the familiar, so this was a huge leap for me.

Recently contracted is my story A Cougar Among Wolves and I’m excited to share for the very first time, here on Confessions of a Bibliophile!


A sadistic attack leaves Klaya, a Puma Clan Cougar, critically injured and the last of her family ferociously slain. She stumbles into Black Hills Wolf territory and collapses. Now under the protection of the pack, she finds herself whisked away to hide out in a cave until her old friend, the alpha is able to remedy her situation. Potentially the last of her shifter clan, she has nothing left to lose, but her life and a chance to avenge her brother.

After a dangerous rescue, on the edge of pack territory, Seth and Rogue take a woman on the brink of death back to the pack. Her identity and why she was brutalized is a mystery. The pieces soon fit together and the realization this assault was no coincidence. The Black Hills Wolves pack faces a bigger threat than they could even imagine. The trio soon find themselves on a tumultuous journey of life and death, and relentless lust.


Thanks to Jonel for hosting me on Confessions of a Bibliophile! I will soon have a cover for this riveting story to share!

Until then, Happy Reading!

“Dark legacy ignites sizzling fantasy…”

Kali Willows

About the author:

Born and raised in Toronto, Kali now resides in the exquisite eastern Ontario countryside where she enjoys the serenity of nature. When she isn't busy being the married mother of two, certified trainer or counsellor extraordinaire, she shadows worlds of paranormal passion & intrigue.

Kali strives to create emotional, compelling stories and characters you can't help but love, hate and cheer for. Captivated by her love of dragons, gargoyles and everything paranormal, she pens these delightful creatures into epic tales of romance and adventure and often infuses her passions of martial arts, music and ironic twists even she didn't foresee.

A good cup of tea with the crackling fire gets her creative juices flowing in the wee hours of the night, when the house is quiet and she can type away to her heart's desire. You can visit Kali at:

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  1. Can't wait for wolves and a puma!!! I'm not good with waiting so I might have to read some of what inspired you:-)