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Tales of the Winter Wolf Vol 3 by RJ Blain

Title:  Tales of the Winter Wolf Vol 3
Series:  Witch & Wolf 2.3
Author:  RJ Blain
Published:  August 12/15 by Pen & Page Publishing
Length:  109pgs
Genre:  paranormal
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Long before Nicolina Desmond manifested her powers as a wizard, she was a Normal girl with extraordinary circumstances. In order to prove herself and escape her father’s chokehold on her life, she’s determined to get on the fast track towards an independent life.

However, she never anticipated how meeting Richard Murphy would change her life…

Tales of the Winter Wolf follows the adventures of Nicole and Richard, characters from Witch & Wolf #2, Winter Wolf. These stories contain spoilers for the novel.

Tales of the Winter Wolf, Vol. 3 includes the following novellas:

The Silvered Wolf

With Richard recovering, there’s some hope of salvaging their normal Christmas rituals, but her father’s plans sweep her up into her worst nightmare—one where she’s a bartering chip held by none other than the Silvered Wolf.

The Games Wolves Play

Richard and his wolf are delighted to have Nicolina for their own for at least several days, but when his parents show up, the game he was playing with Desmond takes a lethal turn.

My Review:

I love how much more in-depth these characters get with each and every story. With every novella & short story I feel like I’ve discovered a new aspect of who they are. Both of the novellas in this instalment of the series kept me hooked. I enjoyed the fact that I could read them separately or together, all the while adding to my picture of Blain’s creative and imaginative world.

I am thoroughly enjoying Blain’s approach to the Tales of the Winter Wolf mini-series. The short snippits into these characters’ stories are each fast paced, individual stories. Yet they all tie together into a fantastic whole that has me hooked. She takes the world of Witch & Wolf and develops it further for her readers. The same vibrant writing and larger than life descriptions bring this story out in an unforgettable way.

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