Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bound to the Warrior King by Maisey Yates

Title:  Bound to the Warrior King
Author:  Maisey Yates
Published:  September 1/15 by Harlequin Presents (1st published in ebook Aug 18/15)
Length:  208pgs
Genre:  contemporary romance
Shelf:  Netgalley
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

The warrior she tamed…
Wild and untamed, Tarek al-Khalij was never meant to rule Tahar. More familiar with a sword than a crown, this lethal warrior must now heal the suffering his brother's rule inflicted. To do it, he needs his most precious—and dangerous—weapon yet…a royal bride!

The widow he conquered
Elegant and poised, Queen Olivia will educate Tarek in the civilized art of political warfare. But in exchange, Tarek unleashes an unrestrained, primal passion she could never have guessed at possessing. Soon Olivia realizes that she has become inescapably bound…to the warrior king!

My Review:

Yates once again combines real, hot romance with lives that stand out of the ordinary for a one of a kind, utterly enjoyable read. The plot of the story was one of a kind, taking me well out of my comfort zone and into a reality that I’d never imagine. The variety of emotions that come to play in this novel were fantastic. Yates lead me through the gamut, feeling for the characters and hating those who’d wronged them.

This story’s hero definitely had my attention. I loved the complexity of character combined with the contrast within his actions and reactions made him stand out. The almost role reversal between the main characters, without being too obvious, was intriguing. Olivia’s strength in the face of adversity really made her a stand out heroine.

Yates has definitely nailed the HEA in this one. Our hero’s complete transition from tortured & burdened to happy was fantastic. I loved it!

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