Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Between the Tides by Susannah Marren

Title:  Between the Tides
Author:  Susannah Marren
Published:  July 21/15 by St. Martin's Press
Length:  304pgs
Genre:  contemporary romance
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

A debut novel following the fortunes of the happy-on-the-surface Morris family as it slowly comes apart after making a move from New York City to an affluent suburb

Lainie Smith Morris is perfectly content with her life in New York City: she has four children, a handsome surgeon husband, and good friends. This life she has built is shattered, however, when her husband Charles announces he has accepted a job in Elliot, New Jersey, and that the family must relocate. Lainie is forced to give up the things she knows and loves.

Though Charles easily adapts to the intricacies of suburban life, even thriving in it, Lainie finds herself increasingly troubled and bored by her new limited responsibilities, and she remains desperate for the inspiration, comfort, and safety of the city she called home. She is hopelessly lost—until, serendipitously, she reconnects with an old friend/rival turned current Elliot resident, Jess. Pleased to demonstrate her social superiority to Lainie, Jess helps her find a footing, even encouraging Lainie to develop as an artist; but what looks like friendship is quickly supplanted by a betrayal with earthshattering impact, and a move to the suburbs becomes a metaphor for a women who must search to find a new home ground in the shifting winds of marriage, family, career, and friendship.

Between the Tides is an engrossing, commanding debut from tremendous new talent Susannah Marren.

My Review:

Marren’s multifaceted storyline had me intrigued from the beginning. Marren’s tone changes from dark to foreboding at times, highlighting the action of the time. The parallels between the tale being told by the main character and her life were intriguing. Marren’s poetic descriptions verged on picturesque. The entire story was realistic and a very nice read. Yet, it was also a tale that had a bit of a ‘mean girls’ feel to it.

Although I enjoyed the novel, I found the main character hard to relate to. Her story was well told, and we get to know her quite well but she simply rubbed me the wrong way for no apparent reason. The rest of the characters in the novel were equally well developed and I quite enjoyed getting to know them, with all their quirks.

This was an enjoyable debut novel from Susannah Marren. Her realistic and intricate look at the lives of her characters was one of a kind.

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