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Wolf Trouble Paige Tyler & Character Spotlight

Ask Xander!

Paige Tyler’s sexy, action-packed SWAT series is back this August with the release of Wolf Trouble! To celebrate this latest release, Corporal Xander Riggs has agreed to sit down for a Q&A with us:

What’s the one thing you would bring with you on a desert island?

A satellite phone. Because I sure as hell don't want to stay there.

About the author:

Paige Tyler is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of sexy, romantic fiction. She and her very own military hero (also known as her husband) live on the beautiful Florida coast with their adorable fur baby (also known as their dog). Paige graduated with a degree in education, but decided to pursue her passion and write books about hunky alpha males and the kickbutt heroines who fall in love with them. Visit www.paigetylertheauthor.com


Xander had to pick his jaw up off the floor of the training room when Gage introduced the newest member of the SWAT team. He didn’t know what to expect, but it sure as hell wasn’t Officer Khaki Blake. Tall with an athletic build and just enough curves to fill out the SWAT T-shirt, she had the biggest brown eyes and softest looking lips he’d ever seen. She had her dark hair back in a bun, so he couldn’t tell how long it was, but he’d bet money it fell past her shoulders. She smelled way too good to be believed, too—like a slice of frosted spice cake in a uniform.

Shit. He was practically panting. If he didn’t get a grip soon, he was going to start drooling.

He gave the other guys a covert glance to see how they were dealing with her scent and was stunned to see that none of them reacted at all. Why not? His nose wasn’t that much better than theirs. He knew for a fact that several of the other guys—Cooper Landry and Jayden Brooks specifically—could smell a hell of a lot better than he could.

Maybe everyone was so mesmerized by finally getting to see a female version of their kind that the rest of their senses had stopped working.

Gage had left it up to Xander to fill the guys in on what had gone down at the meeting with Deputy Chief Mason while he’d headed home to get ready for his trip to Washington State. While the guys had been pissed that the top brass was playing politics with the team, they’d been intrigued at the idea of adding a female werewolf to the Pack.

They’d bombarded him with dozens of questions, none of which he could answer. Was she as fast and strong as they were? Did her abilities manifest themselves in completely different ways? Would she be as aggressive as they were and able to handle herself in a fight? Were there more like her out there, or was she the only one?

Not all the questions were so general. Brooks wondered what she would look like, Max Lowry wanted to know if she would smell like them, and Eric Becker… Well, Becker just wanted to know if she liked to wear yoga pants. God, that kid had an obsession with those things.

Xander had told them what he knew—that no one except Gage knew a damn thing about female werewolves. And Xander wasn’t so sure how much their commander knew, either.

While Xander was lost in thought, Gage turned the floor over to Khaki, who was currently explaining how much she appreciated the opportunity to be in SWAT.

“I know I won’t be handed anything, but I look forward to proving to every one of you that I belong in the Pack and on the team.” She spoke in a light, lilting voice that surprisingly filled the large classroom. Xander could definitely pick up the Midwest accent, so she probably wasn’t originally from the Pacific Northwest. “I’m not asking for anything from you but a chance to do prove myself.”

Title:  Wolf Trouble
Series:  SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team /2
Author: Paige Tyler
Publication Date:  August 4/15 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Length:  352pgs
Genre:  paranormal romantic suspense
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

He's in trouble with a capital T

There's never been a female on the Dallas SWAT team and Senior Corporal Xander Riggs prefers it that way. The elite pack of alpha male wolfshifters is no place for a woman. But Khaki Blake is no ordinary woman.

When Khaki walks through the door attractive as hell and smelling like heaven, Xander doesn't know what the heck to do. Worse, she's put under his command and Xander's protective instincts go on high alert. When things start heating up both on and off the clock, it's almost impossible to keep their heads in the game and their hands off each other...

My Review:

Tyler definitely outdid herself with this one. I thoroughly and completely enjoyed the first novel in this series, but this new instalment will take both the shifter & the law enforcement worlds by storm. The fast paced story had me on pins and needles throughout. The suspense was unnerving. I couldn’t put the novel down for a second without trying to guess what would happen next. The intertwining storylines added even more complexity to the tale.

I loved finding out so much more about what it means to be a werewolf in Tyler’s SWAT world. It’s such a unique take. The variations and permutations within the pack itself creates a diversity rarely seen. It also adds to the plot of the story, allowing each character to have their own unique area. Being a werewolf is intrinsic to all the major players in the story, while also being an unknown to almost everyone outside of it.

And let us not overlook the explosive chemistry between the main characters in this story. As individuals these two were engaging characters, but together they become unforgettable and inseparable. Readers get a sneak peek into their relationship since we get to know them as they get to know one another. I loved how they would die for each other, yet would also die to be with each other.

Tyler has definitely created an explosively fast paced novel that combines all the best of romance with life on the edge as a SWAT member. Give it the twist of her unique werewolves and you have a definite winner.

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