Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sinclair Justice by Colleen Shannon

Title:  Sinclair Justice
Series:  Texas Rangers #2
Author:  Colleen Shannon
Publication Date:  July 21/15 by Lyrical Press
Length:  368pgs
Genre:  romantic suspense
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Ranger Proud, Ranger Strong...

Texas Rangers swear to uphold the law to the letter. But Captain Ross Sinclair isn't about to play by the rules to destroy a major human trafficking cartel—especially now that the only chance to break this case just strode into his life with attitude as long as her gorgeous legs. Heiress Emm Rothschild is taking names and raising hell as she searches for her abducted sister and niece. And the evidence this wild-child turns up sets off a lethal chain of events—challenging Ross to keep her reckless determination and seductive daring up close and dangerously personal.

Now a blindsiding betrayal has Emm heading straight into harm's way. And Ross will have to put his badge and career on the line to get justice—and prove to the woman he loves that a Ranger's word is a forever bond.

My Review:

Sinclair mixes the lightheartedness of life with the hard hitting subject manner of the story proper in a brilliant manner. I could really feel the gravity of it, while not getting bogged down. Realism shines through in all aspects of the novel, while also allowing readers to experience a fun romance. The novel was simultaneously suspenseful and sweet, providing hours of enjoyment.

I enjoyed the characters in this novel, right down to the fact that they had some life experience behind them. I also appreciated the fact that there was more to them than just what’s on the surface. Emm isn’t simply an heiress, she’s also a business woman who is searching for her family. Every aspect of her life is important to who she is as a whole. There were times that the author’s writing was a bit wordy, but those times really highlighted the personality of the heroine. It was written the way I pictured her thinking. Ross’ personality really shines through in a manner that I couldn’t help but fall in love with. Sinclair also did a good job of developing her secondary characters so that they were multi-dimensional but didn’t overshadow the main characters.

Sinclair has definitely penned an enjoyable novel that had me hooked. This is also one of those rare novels that adds a great deal to the series while also allowing readers to dig into it as a standalone. It’s the perfect combination.

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