Sunday, July 19, 2015

Redeeming Rafe by Alicia Hunter Pace

Title:  Redeeming Rafe
Series:  The Brothers of Beauford Bend #4
Author:  Alicia Hunter Pace
Publication Date:  July 20/15 by Crimson Romance
Length:  239pgs
Genre:  contemporary romance
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

To the world, professional rodeo cowboy Rafe Beauford is the fearless rider with an easy smile who never backs down from a challenge. But when a buckle bunny he knew back in Odessa dies in a motorcycle accident, and Rafe learns he’s the father of twin baby girls, he finally gets a taste of real fear.

There’s not much call for a Shakespeare scholar in Beauford, Tennessee, so widowed single mother Abigail Whitman is coming up short on earning options. Then blond, sexy Rafe rides into town needing a nanny. He’s willing to pay generously—not to mention Abby and her son can live at the family plantation, Beauford Bend. Abby agrees to take the job, on the condition that he stays home for a month to bond with his daughters.

There aren’t any bulls at Beauford Bend to distract Rafe, but there is Abby with her classy ways and heart-stealing eyes. When she manages to cut through his defenses to his vulnerable heart, Rafe’s new biggest fear is that he’ll fall hard and end up hurt all over again.

What’s a cowboy to do?

My Review:

Welcome back to Beauford Bend for an emotional, heartbreaking tale. Pace combines romance and chemistry with family and turbulent pasts in a manner that had me glued to the pages. She weaves a tale that is so much bigger than simply her main characters. The family aspect of this novel made it especially endearing, and my heart broke for all of the brothers as they found out what really happened to Camille.

I do love all of the Beauford brothers, but Rafe has got to be my favourite. He is such a wide open character. He was fun to get to know on such a deeper level throughout the novel. Rafe is an emotional mess but a fantastic character through and through. I loved Abby’s perseverance and the way that she stood on her own despite the odds and the people against her.

This was a fantastically well written, in-depth tale that took me through an emotional gamut. Pace has once again returned with readers to Beauford Bend with an unforgettable romance that left me with a smile.

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