Monday, June 22, 2015

Hot Ride by Opal Carew

Title:  Hot Ride
Series:  Ready to Ride #1
Author:  Opal Carew
Publication Date:  April 15/14 by Opal Carew
Length:  104pgs
Genre:  erotic romance
Shelf:  own
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Prequel to Wild Ride: Invitation to Eden (Ready To Ride)

Hot, hard, fast, and handles like a dream!
Oh yeah, and the bike's not bad either.

Hayley is looking for more excitement in her life, but doesn't know how to find it.
Excitement finds Rip, a biker who's seen more than his share of trouble.

When trouble finds Rip yet again and a bar brawl starts, both he and Hayley are thrown to the curb.

Hayley knows this is her chance to find the excitement she so craves, but Rip doesn't want to be some good girl's bad-boy experience, so he turns down her advances, leaving her feeling rejected.

But life is never that simple for Rip, and he soon finds himself in her bed and wanting more. When his three biker friends show up, Hayley's love of numbers turns into an erotic adventure none of them will ever forget.

But is there a chance for more than that between Hayley and Rip? Find out by taking a Hot Ride you'll never forget.

Story length: 23,600 words

Previously published in the Riding Desire Boxed Set.

My Review:

Intensely hot and wildly erotic. That’s my quick & sweet review of this one. Carew brings her bikers to life in a big way. You can feel the alpha waves emanating from the pages of the story. And talk about heat! Carew can definitely write unforgettable sex. This is one of the hottest stories I’ve read. Even those who aren’t a fan of multi-partner liaisons can’t help but be swept up in the sensuality of this tale.

Carew backs up her story with vividly real characters. They’re the type of individuals you don’t simply come to know, but come to love as well. Even though this was a novella, I really felt a connection with the characters. Carew ensured that we got to know them on many different levels.

This first novel in Carew’s Ready to Ride series is definitely a sensual, sexual experience. It was faster, hotter, and more captivating than so many others. I can’t wait to read more!

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