Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Bride Fonseca Needs by Abby Green

Title:  The Bride Fonseca Needs
Series:  Billionaire Brothers #2
Author:  Abby Green
Published:  June 1/15 by Harlequin (paperback release May 19/15)
Length:  192pgs
Genre:  contemporary romance
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

"Everyone has a price…I've just told you mine. Name yours."

Secretary Darcy Lennox knows how demanding her billionaire boss, Maximiliano Fonseca Roselli, can be. His fierce ambition is legendary. But marrying him to secure the deal of the century is beyond the call of duty!

Except Max is not a man to say no to. He's undaunted by Darcy's reluctance to enter a fake marriage. In his world, everyone has a price, and he will entice Darcy to reveal hers. But after only one searing—and very public—kiss he realizes the stakes are far higher than either of them imagined…

My Review:

This story was pricelessly hilarious. Green has shown yet again that love, although never easy, can be fun and definitely fly at you out of left field. She tells a one of a kind tale about two lovers coming together in a marriage of convenience gone wrong (or is it right?) The story is vividly real, allowing readers to imagine themselves right into this wildly romantic and laugh inducing tale. Green took me from Rome to Lake Como, London, & back without missing a beat. There are also some very emotional moments that brought tears to my eyes.

The main characters in this novel both have very different yet no less difficult pasts to contend with throughout. The chemistry between Darcy and Max is unmistakable. The way that their individual pasts affect them really interprets how they view this chemistry and its effect on their lives was heart wrenching. And if you didn’t love them from all of this, the way that these two first met will definitely tug at your heart.

Green has created another work of art that will capture you heart and soul. It is a fantastic marriage of convenience tale that proves that true love really does exist.

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