Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Her Immortal Viking by A.J. Tipton

Title:  Her Immortal Viking
Series:  Her Elemental Viking #3
Author:  A.J. Tipton
Published:  October 26/14
Length:  81pgs
Genre:  paranormal romance
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

He's no angel. Erik is a two thousand-year-old Viking cursed with broken wings; he works as a carnival mascot to cover his shame. Con artist, playboy, and liar, Erik only cares about one thing in the world apart from himself: his best friend, Siobhan.

She's no demon. Siobhan is an intense seven hundred-year-old leprechaun whose horns she must hide from the world to blend in at her job as the carnival’s CFO. Sarcastic, efficient, and beautiful, Siobhan would rather be forced to grant a hundred wishes than risk losing her oldest friend, Erik.

But when scandal endangers these two and their carnival, will Siobhan and Erik be able to admit their feelings before they both go down for this crime?

This mature romance involves horny immortals, a matchmaking supernatural bartender, the creative use of carnival rides, and a love powerful enough to soar.

My Review:

Is story was erotically infused at every turn. It was also riotously laugh inducing. Tipton takes her readers on a quick, wild ride that won’t soon be forgotten. I love Tipton’s take on Leprechauns. It’s unique and absolutely unforgettable. It’s also a very well developed premise. Readers really get to understand what it takes to be one.

Although character development in this story wasn’t super indepth (it’s a short story, one can only learn so much), I found that the characters themselves were quite a treat to get to know. I enjoyed seeing them come to embrace what it is that makes them so unique. At the same time, their insecurities about who and what they were really humanized them.

This was definitely a fun addition to Tipton’s ‘Her Elemental Vikings’ series. Not only did we learn more about how and why these brothers were cursed, we really get an inside peek at two genuinely enjoyable individuals.

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