Monday, April 6, 2015

Promo ~ The Star Prophecy by Ainsley Brooks

Back Cover Blurb:

Summoned by a vision of death and destruction, Aerdrin leaves her beloved mountain sanctuary and braves a world where women like her, wielders of the magical elements, are hated, hunted, and burned alive. To Talehndor, an ancient land of mystery and majesty, she travels, knowing only that she must seek out Throne Prince Alkaidin Thaine., for he alone can prevent the devastation of her vision.

Kaid faces trials of his own, not least of which is his betrothal to a woman he detests. The marriage will forge a powerful alliance for his kingdom, and Kaid will do anything to be worthy of the throne he so recently reclaimed, but the mantle of duty weighs more heavily once he meets Aerdrin. Her horrific prophecy and spellbinding allure threaten his kingdom, shake his resolve, and force him to question everything he believes about wielders, about duty, about his own destiny.

Together, Aerdrin and Kaid must face that most powerful of enemies--fate. Their weapons may mean salvation or destruction, and destiny may demand more of them than they can bear to give.

When the swords fall silent and the flames subside, will the light of the star still shine in Talehndor?

The Star Prophecy: Book One of The Daughters of Prophecy by Ainsley Brooks is available for free at from now through April 7.

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