Thursday, April 2, 2015

Her Alien Hero by Jessica E. Subject

Title:  Her Alien Hero
Series:  1Night Stand, Romancing the Captial
Author:  Jessica E. Subject
Published:  April 1/15 by Decadent Publishing LLC
Length:  50pgs
Genre:  SciFi romance
Shelf: bought
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Librarian by day, erotic romance author by night, Melinda Rose sets out for another exciting conference, this one in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. But all her plans go up in smoke when the 1Night Stand she applies for is set to happen at the same time.

Cooper Tate heads to Ottawa to meet a friend. When he learns of her deception, he is ready to head back home and vows never to trust her again. That is, until he sees a picture of his stunning date.

With the help of Madame Eve, can these two former neighbors become lovers? Or will extraterrestrial secrets rip away the hero Melinda has always dreamed of?

My Review:

What a story! This author had me giggling (and sighing) throughout. The story is fast paced & upbeat. The descriptions and narrative really bring the story to life. I was amazed how complete and well rounded the tale was for such a short story. Readers get a peek at the beginning of this couple’s romance, along with a sense of lasting.

The characters themselves were a joy to get to know. I loved the fact that neither was perfect, but the both saw the other as their perfect match. Character development is quite well rounded without bogging down the plot of the story. The interactions between the two were comical & the chemistry was palpable.

I almost never comment on this, but the price point of this short story seems a little high to me. Albeit, it is part of the 1night stand series, and all of the shorts in the series seem to be set at the same price point by the publisher. That said, I for one, definitely bought it anyways and did find it worthwhile, especially if you’re looking for something quick but that you can really get into.

This story is hot, funny, & out of this world. It’s a quick dose of romance in a way that makes you believe your wildest dreams are possible.

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