Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kiss Me While I Sleep by Linda Howard

Title:  Kiss Me While I Sleep
Series:  CIA's Spies #3
Author:  Linda Howard
Published:  August 28/07 by Brilliance Audio (1st published January 1/04)
Length:  246pgs
Format:   audio book
Genre:  romantic suspense
Shelf:  borrowed
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

It’s a job that makes a killing. Efficient, professional, and without apology, Lily Mansfield is a hired assassin, working as a contract agent for the CIA. Her targets are the powerful and corrupt, those who can't be touched by the law.

Now, after 18 years of service, Lily has been drawn into a dangerous game that hasn't been sanctioned, seeking vengeance for her own reasons. Each move bolder than the next, she is compromising her superiors, drawing unwanted attention and endangering her very life. Though stress and shock have made her feel somewhat invincible and a little cocky, Lily knows that she too can be taken out in an instant. And if it’s her time, so be it. She intends to go down fighting.

A CIA agent himself, Lucas Swain recognizes the signs of trauma in the line of fire. His orders are to either bring her in or bring her down. Yet he too is drawn into the game with Lily Mansfield, dancing on a tightrope as he tries to avoid a major international incident while still battling a tenacious foe who is dogging their every step. Keeping laser focus on her task at hand while vigilantly watching her back, Mansfield never sees the lethal peril that lies directly in her path . . . and how loyalty has a price.

My Review:

What a ride! Fast cars, exploding buildings, and an explosive romance: What’s not to love? Howard’s fast paced, active storytelling kept me hooked throughout. The plot also kept me on my toes. The entire ending was a surprise to me. I didn’t see any of it coming. Even aspects that I assumed would happen (because really, what’s a romance without the HEA) came about in ways that I would never have imagined. Not only was the story entertaining, but the narrators of the audio version held me hostage.

The characters in this novel were quite interesting. In some ways they were your stereotypical romance couple, in others they were very atypical, making them quite memorable. They were a joy to get to know. The supporting cast was also quite varied and surprising. Everyone had a role that was quite intriguing to see. Some I quite enjoyed while others I loved to hate.

As a whole, this was a fast paced, exciting read that kept me guessing throughout. It was a pleasure to read.

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