Monday, February 16, 2015

Love Least Expected, an anthology & guest post by author Michaela Miles

Guest Post by author Michaela Miles

Thanks very much to Jonel for having me on her blog! I often get asked how I came to be in the Love Least Expected anthology, so here's the short version of how it happened.

Earlier this year, the fabulous group of authors I'm fortunate enough to be involved with (Coffee Talk Writers) starting tossing around the idea of producing an anthology to get some of our yet-unpublished authors' names out there, give the published ladies another title under their belt, and put a little money into the group's petty cash. The discussions grew and evolved, and we decided to invite some other equally fabulous authors that we loved and admired to join us. Luckily for us Merry, Kris, and Katie said yes, and we were on our way.

It's been a daunting but amazing six months from that initial idea to the finished product, especially for someone who hasn't been through the publishing process before. I don't think I would have survived without the support of the anthology ladies, and I definitely wouldn't have been published this year if it wasn't for the Coffee Talk ladies inviting me into the fold more than a year ago. If there was one piece of advice I could give to other aspiring authors, it would be to join writing groups and communities, talk to other authors, connect with like-minded people for support, brainstorming, beta reading, etc, and always be willing to learn from them. This is a lonely, isolating, disappointing, soul-crushing industry, and as the saying goes, it's dangerous to go Solo - take a Wookiee with you :-)

My main writing Wookies (or Lovely Ladies as I'm sure they'd rather be called :-) ) came from the online writing hub, Scribophile, as did almost all the other authors I now call friends. And looking at where we are now, specifically in terms of the anthology, I'm endlessly grateful to them for catching me when I stepped out of my comfort zone and supporting me ever since.

About Michaela:

Michaela Miles writes. By day she is a mild-mannered copywriter and web designer, but by night she is consumed by the characters in her head and writes to set them free.

In her spare time, she is primary carer and chief wrangler for a husband and three children, the big boss at her web design company and photography studio, and is completing a Bachelor of English Literature.

Michaela is very active on social media and has an eclectic posting style—humorous writing memes, hump day hunks, quotes, inspirations, interviews, book reviews, and anything that takes her fancy!

Follow her everywhere to keep up to date on publications, interviews, book reviews, social media tips, and more. So come and join the fun and enjoy the ride!

Title:  Love Least Expected
Author:  Meredith Bond, Aubrey Wynne, Valerie Twombly, Kris Calvert, Katie Stephens, Nessie Strange, Kishan Paul, Isabella Harper, Michaela Miles   
Published:  February 3/15 by Valerie Twombly
Length:  406pgs
Format:  ecopy
Genre:  romance
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

When love drops in unexpected, the strangest things can happen. Nine short stories from sweet to sultry, full of romance, magic and love from award winning and USA Today recommended authors

Under The Mango Tree: (Historical Romance) ~ by Meredith Bond

Lakshmi is a good 18th c. Indian girl who should not be hiding among the branches of the mango tree avoiding her chores. She truly should not be seen by a man who is not a member of her family--an Englishman, no less. And she absolutely should not even contemplate speaking with this man. But Lakshmi has never been one to follow the rules.

Rolf's Quest: (Historical Romance) ~ by Aubrey Wynne

Time is running out for the royal wizard of Henry II. Rolf's quest: find genuine love and lift the enchantment that has imprisoned his ancestor, Merlin, for centuries. Now he must win Melissa's heart without the use of magic. She desires him, but will she defy her family and refuse her betrothed? Or will Rolf be doomed to a life of bitterness like his ancestors before him.

Fall Into Darkness: (Paranormal Romance) ~ by Valerie Twombly

Eli, bounty hunter for the Tribunal, is sentenced to earth to find his humanity. But when temptation is thrown in the angel's path in the form of the soft curvy Ashley, he is unable to resist. Fate may bring them together, but desire could bond them for eternity

Alphabetical Disorder: (Fantasy Romance) ~ by Katie Stephens

When a trick horseback rider gets caught up in a dangerous prophecy that jeopardizes the circus, she believes she can solve the problem by dating alphabetically. Now all she has to do is figure out how to manipulate her flawed interpretation so she can be with the man she loves.

Roses Are Wrong, Violets Taboo: (Southern Romance) ~ by Kris Calvert

When Alexander Chase Tabeau and Rose Westwood meet by chance, neither planned on stumbling into the best night of their life. But timing is everything and fate has a cruel sense of humor. With love on the line and nothing to lose, will one night together change their destiny forever?

Love's Not Viral: (Contemporary Romance) ~ by Nessie Strange

When a crazed Hollywood star puts Aster Sanderson in the media crosshairs, her home becomes a prison. With her life out of control, the last person she expects to rescue her is her captor's brother, James. Is their attraction a result of circumstance...or could it be something more?

Taking The Plunge: (Contemporary Romance) ~ by Kishan Paul

When Pete, Eve's high school crush, shows up in her life, she pepper sprays him. Despite her efforts to push him away, Pete finds himself drawn to the red haired beauty. When logic and emotion don't agree, which path should she follow?

The Trouble With Never: (Southern Romance) ~ by Isabella Harper

When Summer and Caleb run into each other after a long absence, sparks fly. Her painful past makes it hard for her to open up, but he's more than willing to help. He's loved her most of their lives. Can she learn to love and trust him, or will her fears push him away?

Keep Calm And Eat Chocolate: (Contemporary Romance) ~ by Michaela Miles

When institution residents Elle and Chris meet, their personalities clash. During a quiet moment in the garden together, secrets are shared and a bond is formed. Will their connection be their downfall or lead to the fresh start they deserve?

My Review:

This anthology encompassed an enjoyable mix of writing styles and genres. It is a well edited and put together bundle, an approachable collection of short, sweet tales that gives you a taste of romance. Each story is unique. The mix of sub-genres provides something for all romance enthusiasts to enjoy. Some are sweet, others are hot, while others yet were fantastically imaginative. Above all, they all made me smile. I will warn readers, however, that this anthology is a mix of short stories & teasers for full length novels. Some will leave you hooked, wanting to go grab the novel that the author had originally written.

This anthology is a collection of new beginnings. This was a great introduction to a variety of new to me authors. I had a great time getting to know each of them.


  1. Lovely post, Michaela. And thanks so much for reviewing our book, Jonel. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I loved this anthology too, and your warning is spot on! I can hardly wait for all the novels to come out for these authors :)

  3. Thank you so much for having us, and I'm glad you enjoyed reading :-) xx