Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It Goes On by D.R. Shoultz

Title:  It Goes On
Series:  Short Story Collection #1
Author:  D.R. Shoultz
Published:  June 1/14 by CreateSpace
Length:  218pgs
Format:  paperback
Genre:  fiction
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

From inspirational to tragic, suspenseful to romantic, the stories in IT GOES ON will keep you entertained to the very end, with the end being only twenty minutes away. The collection examines the lives of families, lovers, schemers, lost souls, and even pets, providing a fly-on-the-wall perspective of their challenges, their miseries, and their joys.


SOMETHING FOR NOTHING - A calamity of errors develops as a man and wife attempt to steal pension funds from their aging aunt.

ABANDONED - A mother Lab and her two pups fight for survival after being abandoned in the North Carolina back country.

REFLECTION - A man steps through his reflection, seeking to cross paths with his soul mate in a time long ago.

CLASS REUNION - His ten-year high school reunion turns out to be everything Mike Watson had hoped it wouldn’t.

EASY COME (Winner 2013 Writers TYPE Award) - A Wall Street broker engages in a personal tug-of-war between his family and his career.

A LOVE NEVER LOST - The story of a middle-aged widow and a search for love that returns her to a familiar place.

A COSTLY LEGACY - A son faces the decision of protecting his father’s legacy or saving his own reputation.

A CHRISTMAS FOUND (Winner 2013 Writers TYPE Award)- A young couple’s struggle to find happiness is aided by a lost spaniel.

ANOTHER DAY - A malcontent sales executive discovers his boring routine isn’t all that bad.

THROUGH HIS EYES - Duke, a beloved family pet, tells his life story.

THEIR PLACE - The story of a small-town Missouri diner and the role it plays in the lives of its townspeople.

KILLING HIM WITH KINDNESS - The storybook life of a couple comes to an unexpected, tragic ending.

CYBER ONE – Chapter 1 - A sneak peek at CYBER ONE: A Miles Stevens Novel, #2, a CIA time travel thriller.

My Review:

What a collection of stories! Some were wildly imaginative while others were heartfelt. They were all, however, very enjoyable. Shoultz writes on a variety of different topics, each equally well. I was especially enchanted with the dog based stories. They were told from their POV but remained entirely realistic. I don’t think I’ve had my emotions engaged in so many different ways in such a short period of time. I love Shoultz’s writing style. It’s so polished and straightforward. I find it easy to engage with. He made me cry more than once, but made me laugh just as many times.

Shoultz’s first collection of short stories made me contemplate life in different ways. This collection was a joy to read, both as separate stories and as an anthology. This book will become well read & dog-eared in short order as it becomes my go-to read when I’m looking for something quick to read. I can’t wait for his second collection.

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