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Deadly Ruse by E. Michael Helms ~ Giveaway

Title:  Deadly Ruse
Series:  Mac McClellan Mystery #2
Author:  E. Michael Helms
Published:  November 11/14 by Seventh Street Books
Length:  250pgs
Format:   paperback
Genre:  mystery
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Mac’s girlfriend, Kate Bell, thinks she’s seen a ghost. Wes Harrison, Kate’s former boyfriend, supposedly perished twelve years ago in a boating accident. But now she swears a man she spotted in a crowded theater lobby is Wes. Mac has his doubts--it was only a fleeting glimpse. But to calm her shattered nerves, he starts making inquiries.

A clue leads him from his home in St. George, Florida, to a Texas orphanage. There he uncovers startling information that turns both his and Kate’s world upside-down. Diamond smuggling, sex, deceit, and murder are just part of the twisted tale that emerges from Kate’s earlier life. Using wit, grit, and the ingrained military training of a former Marine, Mac starts to fit the pieces of this scrambled puzzle together.

Further clues point to the Palmetto Royale Casino and Resort near St. George. He and Kate discover that the casino is a front for big drug deals. When they barely escape a murder attempt, Mac knows he’s on the right track.

But he better play his cards right–because losing this high-stakes game could cost him his life.

My Review:

I picked this novel up to “just read a couple of chapters” before bed one night. The next thing I knew the sun was coming up and it was time for work. Helms jumps right into this story from the first sentence and doesn’t let up. It’s like being back with an old friend. He had me mesmerized, trying to unravel the mystery right up until the very last moment.

Helms has an approachable, inviting style. I love the way that he writes in the first person, allowing the main character to tell you his story as if he were sitting right next to you. The short chapters increase the intensity of the novel. Also, even though this novel ties in with the first in the series, it could easily be read as a standalone for those looking to start the series here.

Helms has developed a cast of characters that really come to life. I loved how their emotions shine through and affect their actions. They were all so real. The local dialect and slang shine through in the dialogue, enhancing this even further. The mix and intermingling of personal and professional relationships was fascinating. It was completely realistic yet also quite complex.

I loved the first novel in this series but absolutely adored this one. I couldn’t put it down. It’s a fast paced, easy, enjoyable read that was a delight to read. I know that I, for one, and dying for more Mac McClellan mysteries.

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  2. Looks like a great novel, thank you for the chance to win :)

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  4. Hi michael, Deadly Ruse sounds great. I would like to read your book. Thank you

  5. Fantastic review, as always, Jonel! To Michael: Did you get "the package?" When can we expect more from you?

    1. Hi, Dianne: No package yet, darn it! More Mac is on the way!

      Jonel, thanks for the great review and tweets!

  6. Another GiveAway
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  7. A really great storyline, sounds like an excellent read.

  8. Deadly Ruse sounds great. I would like to read your book. :)

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  13. Hi Michael!
    What was your inspiration behind writing Deadly Ruse?

    1. Just one of those "What if" things, Lu Ann. What if Kate saw her old flame who'd been (supposedly) dead for several years? How would it affect her and Mac's relationship? How would Mac feel about uncovering details of Kate's past as he tries to solve the mystery? I thought it was an interesting concept, so I jumped right in. Thanks for asking!

  14. Ah.. Something different! Sounds great. #. Michael! I love suspense!! Thank You for the great review, Jonel

  15. Great review, >.< though sad to say these book will have to be place near the bottom of my list :(... so many books so little time. I belivev I need a shut in weekend... :p..

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  16. Thanks for the giveaway. If I'm chosen I would love the ebook copy. I have a kindle.

  17. This sounds like a very intriguing read. I love mysteries. On the TBR list.

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