Saturday, January 10, 2015

Montana Darling by Debra Salonen

Title:  Montana Darling
Series:  Big Sky Mavericks #3
Author:  Debra Salonen
Published:  January 9/15 by Tule Publishing
Length:  182pgs
Format:  ecopy
Genre: contemporary romance
Shelf:  Netgalley
Rating: ★★★★★+

Back Cover Blurb:

Her marriage. Her job. Her body image. Mia beat cancer and is ready to rebuild her life in her hometown of Marietta, Montana. Literally. Her first order of business is to build a house on the ten-acre parcel she was awarded in her divorce settlement. And she's damned if she'll let some stranger camp on her land and claim squatter's rights. So maybe he's not a squatter. The high-end bike and camera hint at more. Plus, he's hot, gorgeous and smart, but that doesn't make him less of a threat--especially when he has the audacity to claim the land is his. Look out, darlin', Nitro is back and prepared to prove what the other Big Sky Mavericks always knew: small packages can pack a big punch.

Ryker Bensen doesn't have much--
And that suits him fine. Less than a year ago, he had everything: a beautiful girlfriend, a baby on the way, a career that earned him fame and a very comfortable living...until he didn't. Grief sent him to ground, and his favorite ground growing up was a ten-acre patch along side the Marietta River where he camped every summer - land held in trust until his thirtieth birthday, now just a few weeks away. When a beautiful spitfire named Mia Zabrinski shows up and orders him off what she says is her land, Ryker realizes she might be the spark he needed to jumpstart his interest in living again.

My Review:

What an absolutely remarkable novel. Salonen weaves a tale of love, loss, and triumph like no other. Her fluid writing and vivid descriptions bring Montana to life for readers. This insightful story weaves together life’s ups and downs in a very touching manner. Salonen is definitely an author who stirs your emotions. She had me laughing like crazy, crying with a broken heart, and left me filled with hope and joy.

Salonen has created some unforgettable characters for this novel. The main characters are so intense that I was completely drawn into their world. I couldn’t even fathom dealing with the issues that either of these main characters are dealing with. At the same time, they remain real throughout. Their emotions and beliefs weave their way through the entire story, allowing you to see and feel what they’ve been through. Surrounded by family and friends, you have a cast that definitely does this story justice.

This was definitely a fantastic journey back to Marietta. It’s a story that will definitely stick with me for the long haul. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others, either as part of this wonderful series or as a standalone.

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